Is INN Need ?

Is INN Need ?

INN stands for "taxpayer identification number," and it consists of 12 digits, which are assigned to each person are not random.These figures have properties peculiar digital code, which is read from left to right.

For clarity, the same numerals denote the code in groups that relate to a specific section of the cipher: 111122222233, where:

  • figures for 1111 imply a unit code of the State Tax Inspectorate, where he was assigned to the taxpayer TIN;
  • 222222 indicate the serial number of the person recording in a certain territorial division of the state tax authority of a single registry of taxpayers, which is staged on the account;
  • 33 - a special control number that is calculated by a specially established by the Tax Ministry algorithm.

procedure for obtaining TIN is a fairly simple, so get it every citizen of Russia will not be difficult.Note that the VAT is given only to the tax office at the place of residence of the citizen.The only document that must be presented to obtain a TIN is the pa

ssport, with the very code certificate will be issued within 5 days.

Many Russian citizens are asked about whether or not to change the VAT number, but it is somewhat out of place, as under the law VAT taxpayer must be given to every individual once before the end of his life, while in the case of his death, the assigned person INN is already invalidated.Accordingly, your VAT number will never be re-issued to some other taxpayer, so it is absolutely unique to your identification code.

Do I need a VAT for ordinary citizens?

  • INN may require the employer at the time of hiring.
  • He will need a civil servant.
  • Availability INN necessary to direct taxpayers.

INN also used as a substitute for personal information in all documents that are related to tax accounting.

INN I receive all necessary?This question, first of all concerned about the believers who do not wish to bind their identity numbers.Note that the state goes towards citizens who, having written statement renouncing the use of VAT, it can not receive.