How to offer themselves to work?

How to offer themselves to work?

There are several ways of how to find a job.Some people buy this newspaper advertisement, some are asking about possible job openings with friends, and there are those who are looking for a place of work via the Internet.Although, to some it way you turned, the procedure before going to work, will have to undergo the same.There are also offers of employment, which are conducted on a competitive basis.Looking for a job

So, let's look at the question of how to offer themselves for work.

  • First you need to find a place where you would like to work.Then compose a resume.If you recommend to this place one of your friends, you must be sure to mention it.Because then your chances of this place will increase significantly.If you send your resume by fax, then attach the small letter with an appeal to the addressee.
  • If you are a photographer, journalist, artist, writer, stylist, fashion designer, hair stylist, and you already have experience, then attach to his letter samples of your work.To the employ
    er knew about your ability.If you work a lot, you can specify the link.
  • If the resume that you send to the employer interested him, then you will be called for an interview.Its purpose will be to identify your abilities, knowledge;Do you fit into the team took place, whether you come to a free position.There are cases when a person is summoned for a second interview.The same technique is practiced, according to which an employer may offer you a test.

How to reject the proposed work

If you have gone through all the endless interviews, testing, and finally found a job that you like ... We congratulate you.But what to do with all the other organizations that you have been offered a new job, but you can not work with them?Be prepared to clearly and specifically answer on how exactly the reasons you decided not to work there.What are the aspects you do not like.In fact, the employer is not interested in why you did it, but you all exactly to ask.

But what you ask, does not mean that you can give to the employer in the face of all the drawbacks of his businesses, which, in your opinion, are available.After all, in your own words, you can make him angry, and he can hurt you in the future.Whatever it was, but the man you spent your time, explain the specifics of the work, but you refused.

In no case do not justify its refusal by the fact that did not want to take the test, which is a waste of time to think.Not worth it.The employer thinks otherwise, and your opinion will not change anything.Play in the memory of the scene from the past where you were denied work.These failures did not indicate the specific reasons.Behave the same way.Tell me that, unfortunately, in some circumstances, you do not fit this job.Soften your words a little smile.

If an employer insists on the specific reasons for your failure, try as simply and clearly explain that, for example, you live very far away from work, and you do not fit, because the road will leave plenty of time.You can not make a salary.Do not be afraid to say "no."Everyone has the right to look for a place where he will be better.But at the same time, remember that before you abandon the proposed work, you need to think twice.For because of their carelessness not to lose the place that you may have dreamed of all my life.