Do I need a work record ?

Do I need a work record ?

The main objective of the work book is the account of work.But this is not the most effective way to solve any situation.This work-book is still the basic document confirming the professional experience and seniority of the employee.

Workbook and modernity

Over time, employment history loses its function as a personal record in the state pension insurance has more complete information on the labor activity of citizens.A pension accrues from pension contributions, rather than on the size of seniority.But still draw a pension without a labor book is impossible.

If the workbook at least one error is made, the public authorities can refuse the worker in pension design.Even if the right information is in the pension fund, then their case will still have to prove only through the courts.Workbooks quickly and freely will not be needed, but also to cancel them even sooner, as they contain information not only on seniority but also the causes of dismissal from previous jobs.

Workbook in Soviet times wa

s almost the only document which confirms the right of the employee.Do I need a work book right now?This question is concerned most of the population of our country at present.

Since the State Duma approves the abolition of labor records, referring to the fact that at the present time employment history is needed only in some cases.Namely, it is now mandatory under the law of an employment contract drawn up in two copies, one of which is retained by the employee, and that is enough.

Another plus is the abolition of labor records that removed some responsibility with the inspectors of the personnel department.In fact, after the dismissal of former employee is issued on receipt book after a certain number of days, but if something suddenly happened and the man gone?This document is necessary to store 75 years, and it is also more work.

Also our young generation believes that the work book - this is another document.Sometimes, losing work record, you have to collect a bunch of references to recover it.And it's only for

Opinion older generations

However, the older generation is opposed to the abolition of labor records, arguing that when you look in the work book, see a man at a glance.All his working career, including the unpleasant nuances.If they cancel, then the person will be quite difficult to prove your experience, it will be necessary to collect certificates from previous employers.

There are also situations that the summary written four places of work and in the workbook much more.I do not have tried to hide their unpleasant moments for the sake of image.And open the work book, and everything becomes clear.

Workbook and SP

There is another disturbing question: Is employment history SP need?In accordance with Art.66 of the Labour Code, the employer is 1997 all records of employment in pension insurance.Of course, the work book is a kind of portfolio, where it is clearly visible, where you work, and why you were fired.But many employers are now based on the candidate's ability and not on the record.

But if you still need to verify your work experience documented, it can make an employment contract, which is now drawn between the employee and the employer.So to the contract should be taken seriously and keep it together with all the documents.

In the days of our grandmothers employment history was a necessity, but things are changing, and this document is outdated.But while the book has not been canceled, so it plays a very important role in labor relations.