How to recruit ?

How to recruit ?

modern business makes it possible to realize itself in a variety of areas, each of which requires a set of specific qualities and skills.Each company uses its algorithm taking on new employees.It is about these algorithms and features we discuss in this article.

How to recruit new employees

Work experience - an extremely important point in the summary of any person.It focuses on the experience of the majority of employers in the selection of experts.But not always possible to accumulate this experience, and in this case it is necessary to be ready for the next stages of recruitment:

  • interview with a specialist in Human Resources or the head;
  • test task;
  • probation.

If you do not have experience in a particular position, but you want to start receiving it, then be prepared for full-time job interview with a company representative.In this interview with the applicant is usually asked for understanding the essence of the work, about his ability to perform certain tasks, as well as his vision o

f the prospects for the development of the profile direction.

If the interview you were confident and relaxed, successfully answered all the tricky questions, the next step - you will be prompted to complete the test task.Often, such a task is similar in complexity usual daily tasks for this position, but some companies have issued specifically test the test, which is somewhat more complicated real-world problems.This is done to verify the applicant's performance in the most demanding conditions.For example, a copywriter job description can give a picture of article 3500 characters when the real need in 2500, and call-center operator to ring up 30 customers per hour at the planned number of 20 people.

After successfully completing the first two phases of the applicant for the position offered to start work for a probationary period.According to the results of work for a certain period of time (usually 2-3 months) concludes that the ability or inability of a person to perform the work in this position.

If you have experience of working on the post in question, it will be much easier to find a job, but not in any company.After the interview, you may be asked to start work immediately without the test tasks and probation, and maybe pass all the tests still have.Therefore it is not always, even with experience, you can get to work without any problems.It all depends on the requirements of each individual company.For example, if the office is extremely responsible, then no matter how experienced or been bidder it will still have to pass the test items, and maybe even re-certification.

Custom problem for job seekers Jobs

companies, which is very big competition may be played between the contenders the most unusual ways.Known methods resorted to by the company in the selection of the right to her employees:

  • given an impossible task.This test reveals the flexibility of thinking.If the company gives the job, the ordinary person is sure that this assignment is a solution.The purpose of this test - to find people who are more confident in his intellect, than in the straightness of the company.
  • a questionnaire, not work-related.In the event that applicants are roughly equal in their qualifications, management can choose the desired by the so-called "accompanying the survey."After this test the work can not take people who, for example, do not like cats, prefer green tea or just cheer for "Barcelona."
  • auction salaries.Again, when it is very hard to pick one employee, the decisive factor may be desired wage.Anyone who is ready to work for less pay - accepted.However, sometimes used a reverse auction - selected the most "expensive" bidder.