How to conduct a job interview ?

How to conduct a job interview ?

interviews have become an indispensable step in applying for a job.A well-conducted interview can provide important information about the employer Applicant, found among a large number of candidates that will suit best to the vacant post.And how to conduct a job interview?Let's look at all aspects of this important process.

How to conduct an interview: preparation

process of preparing for a job interview is an important step, both for the applicant and for most employers.First of all, you need to start with the preparation of the premises.It is better if it is a separate room.Thus, the candidate will not be distracted by other people, their work.It is important to prepare and workplace - two chairs and a table, in order to be able to comfortably make notes in the application form.

It is worth to think and where the applicant will have to wait his time.In order, in the corridor should be the seats, so that people can easily prepare.It is also important to have a mirror in the office lobby.Concer

n about appearance - one of the most important requirements of any person, especially in front of such a responsible business.

Distance acquaintance with candidates

It is at the stage of preparation should be carefully examine the summary of each candidate, in order to write a good interview, be aware of the person.In the study questionnaire, pay attention to every detail, down to the spelling and location of the text on the page.

important to assign individual time for each of the applicant, taking into account the fact that at one interview takes an average of 20-25 minutes.Furthermore, it should prepare a handout for candidates - information about the organization, specific requirements to it and the job description.

Scheduling of interviews

Once you have viewed profiles of all the candidates, you need to move on to the preparation of the plan interviews.Remember that it is not necessary to duplicate the items of the questionnaire, which he has already filled.But at the same time, everything that you ask him, should apply to the vacancy for which he claims.Questions should be varied and valid, for example, you can ask about marital status and personal life, but do not ask about sexual experience and orientation.Avoid political, ethical and religious issues.

is important to use these questions to which you can get unwrapped and detailed response, rather than a formal 'yes or no. "

After questions when the interview will be ready to try to answer them yourself.This will help you avoid various misunderstandings and breaks in the interview.

How to conduct an interview: Interview

So, you were left alone with the candidate for the vacant post.Where to begin?Like any other dialogue, the interview begins with a greeting, presentation.Represents the following with an indication of your position in the company.If you have a card, you should hold it until the end of the interview.

also a good idea to lighten the mood, relieve tension from the applicant.To do this, you can ask well-being, mood, how he got, etc.This configures the candidate to live a normal conversation.At this stage, is to tell some information about the company, a person began to sink into the conversation.

Once met and began socializing, is to move to the prepared questions.At a job interview, there are some rules of interviewing:

  • Give the applicant time to think, do not need to customize it - it will only spoil the interview.
  • Nobody forbids away from the prepared plan.If you need to ask some clarifying questions - ask.
  • Watch out for facial expressions and gestures of the candidate.Sometimes, non-verbal means can affect much more than words.
  • give feedback to the candidate - nod, smile, where necessary, ask clarifying questions.

Once you have received all the necessary information for you, you should end the call correctly.To do this, be sure to ask if there are any questions from the candidate to you.Even if you are sure that this person is right for you like no one else, then do not just talk about it, because you have not seen the other candidates.Therefore, it is best to complete your dialogue with the phrase: "We will tell you the result within N days."Be sure to specify the exact time.After all, we all were interviewed, and there is nothing worse than not knowing when to call you.

Analysis of

final and most difficult stage - to choose the best candidate.Remember that there is some clear criteria in order to take the person to work.Sometimes, it is necessary to choose a charismatic candidate, but with less experience than an experienced professional in the business.The human factor, as you know, is everything.

So now you know how to conduct a job interview.Worthy candidates!