How to sell a pen in the interview ?

How to sell a pen in the interview ?

"Sell me this pen!"This phrase often you can hear the interview for a new job.As a rule, such a test is used to see how a candidate is suitable to the employer for a particular position in the company.Today we will talk about how to pass this test brilliantly successful "sell pen" during the interview and get the desired position.

Sell me a pen!

Here is a list of the most common and effective methods that will help to pass this simple test:

  • most, in our opinion, an interesting method was brilliantly demonstrated in the recent film "The Wolf of Wall Street" by Martin Scorsese.After one of the heroes of history got a pen that had to be sold, he asked for a potential client to write your contact phone number, offering at the same piece of paper, but do not handle.As a result, customers had to buy out a pen to write anything at all.All of this action was summed up by the phrase: ". It's simple demand creates supply!"It may well be that if you show a similar method, the employer will appreciate you
    r imagination and creative thinking.
  • If the previous method is designed to surprise and, in a sense, to shock the employer, the next need to tell more about your skills of negotiating with a potential client.The most important thing in the method - a description of the goods that you are offering.There must be the ability to accurately describe the item, are its characteristics and parameters that will help future customers.You can start with a question-approval.For example: "You are a busy person and you often need to write something, right?"or "Would you like to use the pen, which does not let you down in any, even the most extreme situation, right?"This is followed by an offer of the product and its description.The description should mention all the advantages offered by the handle - the good (record), reliability, compactness, etc.Each characteristic is necessary to come up with a proposal with the best hand describing a particular product parameter.But in the end do not forget to offer the customer a special discount.This will help to sell a pen.The interview will be completed.
  • And another interesting method to look at sales from a different perspective.This method is based on the fact that you are building a conversation with the client on the basis of the information that it offers you.It is understood that the person you are asking leading questions about the scope of his interests and in this way are building a product.Here is an example: "Tell me, please, if you have a hobby, and if so, what is it?"The client in this case can be answered that he likes to follow the latest developments in the world of football.For you, as it will serve as a basis in order to offer the customer to use a pen to conduct matches of the magazine or something like that.Thus, the answers to at least two or three questions about different aspects of life, the buyer comes to understand that he needs this knob.

Psychological techniques:

Several psychological advice on passing the test for the sale of:

  • First of all, in any case can not give up the job.Failure means that you do not want or are not able to sell;
  • Keep yourself calmly and confidently.The rate of speech should be similar to the way you speak your customer.If it is unhurried and judicious, it is necessary to speak calmly, resulting weighted arguments.If your client is active and energetic, try to follow his idea and suggest that he is interested specifically, quickly answering questions.
  • Precondition good sales - is eye contact.If you look at the floor, to the side or at the ceiling, then the pen and so will remain in your "store".Look into the eyes of the client, but not in the face.Business ethics requires every 2-3 seconds to translate the view, for example, for a product that you sell.These gestures and facial expressions will look kind of confirmation of what you say about the product.