What is a document ?

What is a document ?

In order to answer this question, you need to know the definition of that concept, which is contained in this word.

What it is a document

document - the literal meaning of "evidence, evidence sample."This is such a material object that contains the captured information, designed to transfer it in space and time.If we take a broad sense of the term, then for example, books, architecture, sculpture - are documents of his era.The narrow meaning of the document - written media, which confirms the existence of certain facts.

There is a huge variety of all kinds of documents involved in the workflow, which helps to regulate and organize all kinds of human activity.We dwell only on some of them.

Accounting documents

accounting document is the entire justificatory documentation, on the basis of which carried out the entire accounting.She (Documentation) has the following accounting areas:

  • trading;
  • cash transactions;
  • inventory results;
  • work in road transport;
  • work tools and construction machin
  • working capital construction;
  • materials;
  • intangible assets and fixed assets;
  • accounting and payment of labor;
  • agricultural products.

Documenting accounting management activity is fixing the relevant information in different ways in the prescribed form, ie by creating documents.

Is the reference document

The concept answers the question.Help - this time information document drawn up to confirm and describe some events and facts.For example, in the certificate confirms the place of work or study, salary, position, place of residence, indicate the diagnosis and other medical help.

stringent requirements on writing help, but there are mandatory details:

  • name of the document (FAQ);
  • specified destination (for whom it is intended)
  • reference number and date;
  • drawing reference indicates the place;
  • for some types of certificates specified header;
  • help text;
  • signature.

What is the constitutive documents

These are the documents that are the basis of all the activities of legal entities.From the organizational and legal form of legal entity depends on the composition of these documents.

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Article 52) states that legal persons must have the following documents:

  • only charter;
  • charter with the memorandum of association;
  • only the memorandum of association.

work of some non-profit organizations can be carried out on the general provisions for organizations of this type.

What is the identity document

Personality of Russian citizens on Russian territory certify the following documents:

  • passport (issued in 14 years);
  • birth certificate (valid until 14 years);
  • seaman's passport (seaman's identity card - 2014);
  • diplomatic passport;
  • soldier identity card;
  • military ID;
  • official identification prosecutors;
  • refugee certificate.

There are many regulations, where the driver's license is called ID.However, none of the federal law, this document has no such definition.

All variety of documents is necessary in order to for a certain time period could enjoy the right management information having a wide variety of targets.