How can I get an interview?

How can I get an interview?

The ability to communicate with the employer is never superfluous.Whether you are lucky enough to own favorite work or can only find in the search - built right conversation will always give fruit.Just as wrong.Of course, the article is no longer aimed at job seekers, but not closed to viewing working, well, because anything can happen, not superfluous to know how to get a job interview successfully.

How to pass the interview: preparation

you are invited for an interview, what to do?

  • Firstly, it is recommended to study how to information on the company.This can be very useful, as often after the interviews are selected precisely those candidates who were really ready for it.The advantage are the ones who gathered the necessary information, even if the experience from these candidates was less than that of others.
  • second - the right look.It would seem that everyone knows nowadays that meet «on clothes."However, to this day come to interview people in the clothing, to put it mildly, does not co
    rrespond to the event, with huge bags and shabby manicure.So remember once and for all - your appearance must match the style of your office.This rule applies even to those companies that adhere to the democratic options of clothing.Your official dress emphasizes your willingness and desire to work in this company.If you are gone, and no one is able to remember what you were wearing - dressed you competently.Pay attention to detail - hair style, purity of shoes and trimmed nails are also important.
  • Punctuality.The employer pays your tardiness much more attention than you think.It often happens that wins is the one who just came a little earlier when choosing an appointment with one of the two equivalent candidates than the other.
  • Remember keen eye HR begins to "scan" you from the moment of entry into the study, the first eye contact.Everything counts - walk, cheer, smile and face.Your facial expression should express readiness for cooperation and joint solution of business problems.
  • How to successfully pass an interview, it is best known by those who at one time was able to correctly answer all of the specified employer (or service personnel) issues.Be prepared competently and on to present information about yourself, about the last place of work, about the reasons for dismissal, your strengths, weaknesses, etc.More details can see in the article "What questions are asked in the interview."

Communicate with the employer

How to get a job interview?

certain dialogue scheme is given in the article "What to say at the interview."Just do not forget that you - individuality, personality, speak of themselves, be themselves, not memorize a pattern.

We select some of the features of the process of communication with the employer.

often you will meet personal questions, and you should be prepared to answer them.It is an error avoidance response to such questions - their appearance in all cases due to a specific business need.

  • Use exact numbers in the expression of their achievements.Exemplary and approximate figures speak not in your favor.Be as specific as possible, it will play in your favor in the eyes of the employer.The concrete examples of achievements (letters, sophisticated projects, your participation in the achievement of some heights, etc.).
  • possible non-standard versions of the interviews for the position when receiving a sales representative.How to pass the interview in such cases?Used welcome business game.For you will be treated with a variety of small requests and, in this case, it is impossible to deny categorically, because failure is regarded as the absence of any business skills.Try to maintain eye contact, though not bringing it to the aggressive nature of the caller.
  • often intuitive knowledge of how to pass an interview, show people weigh their words and actions and are responsible for them.Those who are not able to explain even such basic things as the reason for his choice of a higher educational institution, are doomed to failure.We are also prepared to explain the reason for the choice of the place of work and the reason for leaving the past.Sometimes you need to say out loud to yourself or someone you know the answers to these standard operating issues, it will help avoid stutters and excessive neurosis.
  • Gather study on the expectation value of your salary.Unreasonable amount can cause confusion on the part of the employer and to characterize you as either unreasonably ambitious person, or as indecisive and insecure workers.
  • How to pass an interview to the manager?Take the opportunity to ask their own questions, which are better prepared in advance.Take the initiative, but do not be obsessive, do not interrupt the employer!The first communication to ask a question concerning only workers and production aspects.
  • recommended to ask about the salary only after receipt of the offer of employment.

The above working times should make you a rough picture of how to successfully pass an interview, how to prepare and how to behave.