How to work in the " Savings Bank " ?

Как работать в "Сбербанке"?

Many aspire to start their career in the bank, because it is considered prestigious and offers good career prospects.The largest bank in Russia is the "Savings Bank" - its branches have almost all cities of our country, which is why many are choosing it as a future place of work.About how to get started in the "Savings Bank" and what is there to work, will be discussed in our article.

How to get a job in the "Savings Bank"

There are several ways to get to the "Savings Bank":

  1. Jobs on the site.The site of "Savings Bank" you can easily find the "Jobs" section and choose from the existing right to you.Unfortunately, it often happens that it is in your area do not need experts and leaders.For starters, the situation is much simpler.Constantly is set to position "Consultant on banking products" (to help the population to pay for services with the help of machines) and "service individual specialist" (customer service windows - currency exchange, acceptance of applications for cards and card issuanc
    e, and more).It is enough to select a job, click the "Apply" and get ready to wait.
  2. Bring resume office of the bank.Very often in the bank's branches are located ad "for beginners".This is usually one vacancy - "Consultant on banking products."In the ad (it usually is on the table) contains the same information as on the bank's website.So you can take your resume and relate directly to the bank.
  3. Search.It's no secret that in the presence of useful contacts in the bank several times more likely to devices on a more or less decent job.Do not rule out this option.
  4. Also, there is another way to increase the chances of joining the bank - to be trained, which organizes itself "Sberbank".

Education in the "Savings Bank"

It's simple - you only need to submit an electronic application for sberbank-ast follows the schedule of seminars and select a convenient date for you.Monthly in 60 cities across the country held more than 180 seminars.

During the training will have to undergo tests, pass tests, attend lectures and engage in remotely.After two weeks of training will be necessary to pass the final test.In case of success you have is distributed in one of the offices of village for your internship.If probation is passed successfully, you are invited to the third stage - interview.To prepare for the interview should be - helpful tips you can find in our article - How to pass an interview.

Jobs "Sberbank"

Before you get a job, you need to understand what conditions await you at the new location.Based on the feedback from numerous former and current employees of "Savings Bank" there are several pros and cons of working in this bank.

work Pros in the "Savings Bank"

  • free gyms for employees.Keep in mind that they can be found only in the head office of "Savings Bank".
  • Trips workers in various sports activities, which the bank organizes for its employees.For example, there are teams of Bank basketball.
  • corporate, which is natural for large organizations that are in a big way.
  • Compliance with labor law - formalization, vacation, sick leave and other social guarantees.
  • Employees meet or exceed the plan, get a good prize.
  • Career prospects.

Cons of work in the "Savings Bank"

Despite significant benefits, many reviews of ordinary employees "Savings" are negative.For example:

  • "We have to work seven days a week";
  • "For many years, implementation of the plan was never raised";
  • "headmistress walks with an air hostess if she compartment, not the employee, as we are";
  • "I have repeatedly overfulfilled the sales plan, improve, I did not get in this year."

However, it should treat such critical reviews.First of all, look at the situation without prejudice - may be the one who writes a negative review, initially working in the wrong place and just never thought about it?Perhaps the problem is that the employee is unable to build a good relationship with the staff / boss that is impeding the work.

As in any organization, "Sberbank" employee is very important to have a good relationship with your team and be able to find an approach to even the most fastidious superiors.