How to behave at the interview ?

How to behave at the interview ?

The interview is an important step in obtaining the vacant position.From how to pass an interview for a job often depends on whether a person gets a job or not.Sometimes the behavior during an interview with a specialist in HR, ceteris paribus plays a crucial role in employment.What to say at the interview we mentioned in the article - "What to say at the interview?", Today we will focus on how to behave at the interview.Here are the basic rules in order to successfully qualify for the job.

So, you have the first interview.How to behave?In no case can not be late.After the first minutes of the interview with the manager the impression staff about you.The first impression is always difficult to change.Experts recommend to come to the place earlier for 10-15 minutes.During this time you will have time to mentally prepare yourself to look around in the office, clean clothes, if required.If you are late, do not need to explain why.It is only necessary to apologize succinctly.

When you are invited int

o the office, you should wait until you will be offered a seat.If the pause is delayed for any reason, you can do sit on a stool or chair, preferably in front of specialist staff.If the distance is not settled in advance between you, is located not very close, but not far.Be aware of business-distance communication, which a little more than 100 cm.

also need to remember how to behave at the interview in respect of poses and gestures.It is necessary to sit down with confidence.Your posture should not be too constrained or too cheeky.You can not use "closed" gestures - crossed arms and legs.It is also desirable to sit on the edge of the chair - it might give your self-doubt.Naturally, it is impossible to swing the chair.

need to stay confident, with dignity.It is important to understand that if you are invited for an interview, you are interested in as a potential employer employee.When it is impossible to calm down - hands can give your experience.Therefore, you should remove them under the table, so as not to be tempted to pull a button or rub his nose.

is also necessary to remember that the stay should be freely and naturally.At the interview you are not waiting for a demonstration performance.For the employer, it is important to understand what kind of a person you are in life.Therefore, it is necessary to behave naturally.Sometimes different stress methods are used during the interview, in which you'll look absolutely ridiculous in the guise of his new role.

Do not forget the smile.It should not be stretched, and sincere, and, of course, to the place.Friendly and welcoming - an important criterion for the behavior during the interview.

It is worth to say about how to behave during the interview, answering questions of the HR specialist.

  • The first thing you need to remember - the manager primarily interested not in what you say, but how you do it.Therefore, you should clearly express their thoughts.Superfluous to say it is not necessary.
  • is important to pause.This will allow the interviewer to ask clarifying questions, and you - to think about the following sentence.
  • It should be polite, but not cloying.Do not constantly apologizing and asking the interlocutor.
  • Eye contact is an important condition for a constructive dialogue.Constantly watch is not on the eyes, you need to periodically switch to other objects or the landscape outside the window.Excessive use of this should not be, eye contact should emphasize the importance of your interlocutor.

do not forget to check with the manager all your points At the end of the dialogue.Also it is necessary to know how to find out the results of the interview.Be sure to say goodbye.Go with confidence and a clear need to step.Remember that the last opinion, as well as first impressions are important in the perception of others.

These recommendations will be valuable for those who do not know how to behave at the first interview.With practice, you will begin to understand what to do to please the employer.All the mistakes that you can avoid the first time, will be valuable information for correcting the behavior.