How to create a resume ?

How to create a resume ?

On how correct, informative and attractive to your resume, depends largely on the ability to get the coveted post.So do not be lazy to pay his writing process long enough.

plan a resume

To create the right job, you need to follow-up, common for this type of document.So, enter the following items:

  1. name (written in full).
  2. Personal data: date of birth, nationality, marital status, presence of children and their ages.
  3. Contacts: address of residence and address of the actual residence (simply select a country, city, and you can enter the street, but no rooms houses and apartments), telephone number, e-mail.
  4. Education: years of income and college graduation, high school name, its location, the Faculty and the Department of qualification.If universities / several specialties, you must first indicate what is directly related to the job.If the value of the same, the items listed in reverse order, starting with the last place of study.
  5. courses, trainings related to the job.
  6. Experience.Here, in rev
    erse order specified place of work, beginning with the last.Years of work, name of the organization, its location, job title and a brief list of duties.
  7. Skills.A very important point: you will need to argue why you should take this position.In fact, the inability to create a first-class resume work, not paying full attention to this section.
  8. further indicates the following items: knowledge of languages ​​(write what you know and to what extent), computer skills (describe program, which are able to work), driving license (category, driving experience, the presence of cars).
  9. Then to open the item "Personal qualities".
  10. can also add an item 'Hobbies & Interests' in the end.

help create a resume sample of the finished document to a particular specialty.Examples can be found on this website.

Resume online

If you can not create your own resume, you can always do it with the help of online services:


Just go to the website and fill in the application form on the basis of which the document will be automatically drawn.Download it to your computer, you can quickly create a resume to "Avito" or any other popular resource for job search.

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