How to make a competent summary ?

How to make a competent summary ?

Summary - this is the document, the purpose of which a winner and concisely present your professional skills for future employers.Despite the fact that the relevance resume writing decreased substantially in the last few years, sinceemployers prefer to meet with the candidates in person, but know how to make a resume correctly, it is still necessary.After all, the opportunity to meet with the employer may not be.This is especially true of remote work.

really present you as a professional resume can in those cases where the desired position claim several candidates and employers choose the right on a competitive basis.Here you will be competent and useful job, a model of which can be found on the websites of recruitment agencies.CV has a certain structure, which should be maintained at all times.

Points resume

    • Position.

begin resume is to name the position for which you are applying.You can also scroll through a comma several similar posts.This is due to the fact that many employers announc

e a competition to several positions, and so it is easier to see the contenders for each.Indicate whether there their personal wishes or to describe them in a separate paragraph - it's your decision.It is possible and does not specify the desired salary and the regime, and to inform the interview.

    • Nameand personal information.

you need to specify the full name, name and patronymic, date of birth, marital status and a list of your contacts.This is a must - address, phone, e-mail.

    • Education.

One of the most important items on any resume.Be sure to specify the basic education and profile, if any.Refresher courses and various other certificates can also be specified, especially if the knowledge gained there, correspond to the desired position.But before you make a competent summary, we must remember that the achievements that are not directly related to your career, it is better not to describe.

    • Experience.

This clause should specify the whole experience.Of course, a small part time can be specified only if it corresponds to the desired branch office and your overall employment age.Indicate the place of work should be in reverse chronological order.Be sure to write the name of the company or enterprise engaged in the position where you and your main responsibilities.Achievements also worth pointing out.This is due to the fact that one and the same profession may have a number of features, depending on the profile of the enterprise.

    • more information.

where you need to indicate the skills that enhance your professional skills.This knowledge of foreign languages ​​and computer programs, the presence of a driver's license.Also in this section you can specify your opportunity to go on business trips.

  • Additional requirements.

Before you write a competent job, it should be understood that the summary - this is still a business document and it should be written according to the rules of registration of business documents.This is one of the biggest mistakes in resume writing.The presence of colloquial speech speed uncharacteristic business style can even spoil the perfect resume to a great education and work experience.So do not shall summarize as school work, there should be no narration in the first person pronouns.

resume should also make out as a business document.It is the second most common mistake candidates.Do not add frames around the edges of the document, do a lot of digressions, too artsy list highlight text.It may seem frivolous employers.Text font should be the standard, better to 12 pt.Headers can be distinguished in a larger font.Size summary also has limitations, it should not exceed one page in the document text editor Word, or one A4 sheet.Be concise and try to accommodate all the necessary information.

Employers usually pay attention to the experience.This is the main point separately according to 85% of employers.The level of education interested in much less - only 11% of employers.Therefore, in order to make the best impression, you need to pay maximum attention is professional experience, knowledge and skills.Especially if they comply with the desired position and profile of the organization.Employers also appreciate additional information, such as recommendations from previous places of work and cover letters.Therefore, if you have such data, you should attach them to the summary that will significantly increase your chances of getting the desired location.