How to make up a story about yourself?

How to make up a story about yourself?

Each of us, going to an interview, preparing for the tricky questions and difficult inspections.But sometimes an obstacle on the way to the coveted employment may become an elementary request the employer to tell a little about yourself.Such a simple, at first glance, the job is often confuses even experienced and qualified professionals.Let's try to figure out how not to be trapped, talking about yourself, and even turn this situation to their advantage.

story about themselves: what they want to hear?

First of all, preparing in advance for the story itself, it is necessary to understand that the employer is asking this question, does not aim to a deep knowledge of your identity, but only wants to make sure, as far as you meet the potential positions.Therefore, the story is not wasted on the facts of your life which do not concern professional way.

Here are the main points that need to open in my story:

  1. Age and marital status;
  2. Education (university, specialty, mode of study, diploma), as wel
    l as courses;
  3. Experience;
  4. Positive aspects of nature to help in the work.

If an employer ask about your hobby, you need to talk about it with restraint, otherwise enthusiastic tirade avidly can make it clear that the work is unlikely to take you to the first place in my life.

important to remember that the story itself should not be a retelling of the resume.With him the employer has read and now wants to learn something new.However, unacceptable discrepancy between the information specified in the job, with your narrative.

It is important to bring to the already known facts naked emotional, for example, say that going to university was a dream come true for you are interested in the profession, and the participation in the project has given valuable experience for further professional development.

Offering tell us about yourself, the employer gives the opportunity to open up and show off.The applicant in this point leaves the "comfort zone", and a light stress is the best reveals his hidden qualities.You can easily notice the excitement, to know what occupied his thoughts, to understand the true spirit.

At the same time this question allows you to take matters into their own hands to steer the conversation back on track (as a semantic and emotional) and become master of the situation.

In any case, the employer of such a seemingly insignificant item interviewing is a moment of truth, and that he was satisfied with the result, it is important to remain calm and confident.

How to avoid mistakes in the story itself

advance thinking about how to make a story about yourself, it is important to avoid a few common mistakes.

  1. No need to bore the listener long narrative.The story should be short, clear and concise, and it is desirable to keep the duration of two minutes.Even if your potential work will require the ability to speak for a long time, it's not the best moment to demonstrate talkativeness.
  2. can not lie.No matter how great the temptation to embellish their merits or attributed to other people currently can not resist him.For any information, which concerns the professional sphere, it can be easily verified.And the fact of the lie may "haunt" you even after many years, and on other work.
  3. impossible to "sling mud" former place of work.In particular, management.Even if the employer affected by the injustice of the former boss theme, do not need to be conducted in the provocation, it is important to remain impartial and to do without criticism.
  4. Avoid those that are considered prohibited etiquette during celebratory feasts, namely the themes of politics and religion.
  5. course, do not criticize the work of the company, in that suit.At the same time, avoid blatant flattery.If followed by a question that you are attracted to work in this company, call the specific merits of the company
  6. Talking about its pros, do not be unfounded.Each had a positive quality do you need if necessary to confirm a specific example.

Do not be afraid to be yourself

Often job seekers are trying to adjust to some mythical ideal, think, write a story about yourself, the corresponding.The employer, on the contrary, wants to see a future employee sincere and real.It must not be forgotten, as well as the need to remember that all of your hand in any case will be opened during operation.You do not need someone to pretend to be enough to get himself a job.