How to become a police officer ?

How to become a police officer ?

in our country to get a job in the police can be a man and a woman aged between 18 and 35 years, but it needs to verify compliance with the set requirements, prepare an entire folder of documents and pass a substantial commission from doctors, psychologists and a MUP.Let us examine each of them in detail.

Where to teach police

So, you seriously interested in the question how to become a police officer and you do not know where to start.As for any other profession, future police officers must first get an education.If the question is how to become a police officer you are interested in high school, it is important to choose the right school.In Russia there are 3 universities MIA with branches all over the country, 5 academies, and in addition a lot of institutions, schools and even MIA Suvorov schools.In some of them continue their education up to you.

Do not despair if the school over a few years ago, and education for other professions have long received.Not everything is lost.You can come to

the police district office personnel department and according to the requirements of employment you will be directed to the passage of the accelerated courses, and after let go to work.However, in this case, remember that your education should not be below the average special.Very well, if it is legal.

Required documents

If the issue of education removed from the agenda, it is possible to proceed to the second stage of employment to work in the police.Namely, to prepare the necessary documents.Police personnel department you have to bring with you:

  • passport (including foreign)
  • statement on the request of registration to the service
  • CV and profile of the applicant (and then, and more you will be given in the personnel department)
  • diploma of education
  • INN
  • work book.

also need to enlist the advice of at least two police officers who experience at least 3 years, and get all the documents proving your income (from accounting to previous work or from the tax office).

basic requirements

addition of appropriate education for the future of the police impose a lot of other requirements.The first is of course the physical training.As proof of your physical fitness will have first to pass a solid medical board, and secondly, to hand over sports norms, namely running on short and long distances, pulling up (for men only) and push-ups (for girls only).An additional advantage when applying for a job in the police will be served in the army, even though it is not a prerequisite.Particular attention in recruitment to the police draw on psychological health, so you have to talk with a psychologist and go with him a few tests.Check you on a polygraph.

While doctors and a psychologist will examine your health, human resources doskanalno review your biography and family history.Neither you, nor someone from the next of kin, which include parents, spouses, brothers and sisters, as well as children should not be tried.Otherwise, about how to become a police officer, you can not even think.


If your age and education allow you to get a job in the police, and all the documents are in order, then you will be invited for an interview.Questions that you will be asked during the interview, very different.You will be asked about his childhood, and about previous jobs.and family, and about learning, and about hobbies.In other words, be prepared for any questions and try to answer them honestly.Remember, you are trying to get a job in the police, so people who have sobeseduyut enough skills to detect lies or self-doubt.

Early career

In order to become a police officer is not even enough of these.Provided that you will pass all tests and interviews, you will be invited to undergo training.At this time, you will be responsible for the police officer.It was only after a trial period and training you will finally be able to take a job in the police.