Where can I go to work ?

Where can I go to work ?

Employment and already quite a difficult task, because the ideal person would like to find a place where it will come with joy, which will satisfy their own ambitions and other needs.And if you have special circumstances: the lack of experience, maternity leave behind or criminal record, job search is complicated by them.Consider the options, you can go to work.

Where to look for work

you the main sources where you can find an interesting position.

Internet: universal human portals

Particularly this source of information is effective in large cities.Jobs are usually placed on special websites.The largest of them:

  • hh.ru;
  • rabota.ru;
  • superjob.ru;
  • job.ru;
  • trudvsem.ru.

Last site - it's official resource of the Federal Service for Labour and Employment, therefore, on its pages is located about half a million job offers.

on other websites too, you can always find the best offers directly from employers and employment agencies.

sites of large organizations

Usually these resources in the

"Jobs" management of the company has vacant positions, which does not want to expose the general public, placing on the message boards.Often this specific position, interesting narrow specialists.So visit the famous sites of companies located in your area, maybe there is something that is right for you.


traditional job search method: print ads in periodicals.Choose paper that is most often used by employers to place vacancy announcements in your region.

acquaintances and friends

Even if these people are not big heads and make you work with them, notify them that are in search of.Perhaps one of them will know about the interesting work that will be of interest to you.

your profile on social networks

Place in his notes, that are looking for work.Currently, many recruitment agencies browsing such notes.Do not forget to describe their experiences, as well as to remove frivolous Album: Your page should be your ally and not to alienate potential employers.

not to say that some source much more effective than others, so it's best to use them all.

Where to go to work without experience

Apply for young professionals without experience can be complicated: not every manager is willing to spend time on training new users.However, do not despair.Visit the organization where the practice took place, perhaps you remember and can offer you interesting options.

In his resume, emphasize the willingness to work hard, to learn actively, make every effort to get the result.Your dedication, certainly, like skilled personnel, and you will be invited for an interview.And there will be only to confirm his words again.

Other special cases

prolonged break from work

Whatever it was, taking a break from work if he or disease caused by maternity leave, does not speak in favor of the applicant.It is believed that during this time he lost his qualification is not aware of innovations in their field, and so on. D.

In this case, some consultants in the network are advised to be at the traditional resume with a serial listing of jobs, and functional, where you will transfer their ownskills and abilities.So you can break some disguise.

However, personnel officers are therefore resume with some mistrust, so it still make a normal job, but a "deficiency" in the form of a suspension of the turn in dignity: it is possible, during this period you have mastered the important programs, tightened foreign language, finishedrefresher courses or driving.In any case, emphasize that you are not idle, and continued to increase their own knowledge in the profession.

Lack of education

If education is not, start a job search with specialties that do not require qualification.Responsible employees are needed in these areas.You can become a waiter in a fancy restaurant or courier, a security guard at a large firm.Gradually getting used to their responsibilities and to show their best qualities, you can start climbing the career ladder.

Maybe this will work for you time, and in parallel, you get a suitable career.Perhaps you are interested in rating the most popular professions, a list of which you can read in our article What better work.


In this case, you will probably have to act like a man without education.It is not necessary to deceive the employer, concealing the fact of a criminal record, honestly tell us about yourself and explain that they are ready to work actively and honestly.In addition, contact the public employment service: they will try to help you by offering job porter, janitor, cleaner, and may even close to your specialty.