Where to go to work in the summer ?

Where to go to work in the summer ?

summer in the labor market - a very special period.While most employees go on vacation and new workers almost no gains, it generated a lot of time, and job opportunities for part-time work.In such places gladly take even school and university students, who are known to be difficult to find work under normal conditions.About where to go to work in the summer, we will describe in this article.

job at an amusement park

From spring to autumn open their doors to all kinds of parks and entertainment attractions.And of course, the staff required for their maintenance.You can try your luck and try to get a cashier at one of these attractions.If you are interested in a job in catering, you can get the seller of ice cream, cotton candy and soft drinks or the waiter in one of the many outdoor cafes located within the park.


new outlets during the summer do not appear only in the parks.All over the city like mushrooms after the rain, grow up stalls selling ice cream, a barrel of kvas, and other non-

stationary trade objects, which require sellers.If you are not afraid of the prospect of spending at least 9 hours outdoors in all weather conditions, whether it is scorching sun or summer rain, then this job is for you.


In summer also thrives and tourism.For those who possess at least basic knowledge of the English language and would like to change the situation, it is possible to go to work abroad on a contract for a few months.There are required mainly active young people who can work as waiters, maids, entertainers, hostesses, etc. D. If you know how to play a musical instrument, good singing, dancing, or can in some other way to entertain the audience, you may be invited to work inas an actor in the hotel or on any cruise ship.

If you're looking for, where to find a job in the summer within the country, you can direct your gaze to the coastal cities.There in the summer also urgently needed waiters, salespeople, cooks, maintenance staff.


During the summer travel agencies offer new directions and sightseeing tours for guests.In most cases, no special knowledge from you is required.Previously you hold a training course, which will tell about all that you have to tell yourself later.From you only need care, sociability and quick learner.In this work you can not only make money, but also to expand their horizons and acquire new knowledge.


Another popular summer job - it Harvesters.Though this work is quite complicated from a physical point of view, it is possible to make good money.Payment can be both fixed and depend on the total amount of your harvested crop.Anyway, it will be much higher than the average wage in your region.

Entertainment Industry

The category of seasonal jobs can be attributed to the profession of animators, presenters, decorators and other professionals in this field.Summer - the most sought-after time for all kinds of celebrations, especially weddings.Event agencies do not have enough of its regular staff, and they are beginning to attract a variety of assistants.If you do well in the summer, maybe then you will be offered a full-time position in the company.


If you have a sports constitution, then it can be arranged as a security guard at a nightclub or cafe.Of course, the work is not very safe, particularly in the summer, but it adequately paid.Furthermore, in some cases it is possible to get useful connections that will be useful in the future.

However, the absence of impressive physical parameters is not a reason to give up this job - in trade shops and boutiques are taking not only the strokes.

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