How billionaires become billionaires ?

How billionaires become billionaires ?

Everyone knows that there are people, whose state exceeds one billion dollars.Of course, they can be called the richest persons of the world.Their life attracts everyone's attention, and everyone wanted to know how billionaires become billionaires.

Welfare got them is not so easy - with a wave of a magic wand, they have earned it through hard work and indomitable will.

success stories of rich people

  • Ingvar Kamprad - IKEA founder of the company, started his business a little boy.He was selling matches to neighbors, bought at a low price in Thailand, and had a good profit.Later, the object of sale have become fish, decorations, gifts.At seventeen, my father identified him a small sum of money that he has invested in a furniture company, which has become very successful.Today Ingvar state exceeds 31 billion dollars.
  • Abramovich.One of the most famous Russian billionaires started out as a student.He and his friends organized a cooperative for the production of plastic toys.Later, he bought a few m
    ore profitable cooperatives.His ability to be provided at the right time in the right place helped to take over now "Sibneft" and become a world-famous tycoon.
  • JK Rowling.Become a billionaire can not only showed the ability in business, but also because of the writer's talent.Everyone is familiar with the many adventures of Harry Potter by JK Rowling.When she wrote them, that lived only on child allowance was a single mother.The works have fallen on many soul.Their enormous popularity made Joan a billionaire for five years.

Each person has a chance to prove their abilities to achieve great success and prosperity.It is only necessary to be able to use it, displaying diligence, strong will, and not to give up under any circumstances.Then fate will show favor in the form of unexpected wealth.Tips on how to achieve financial well-being, can be found in the article How to become a billionaire.