How millionaires became millionaires ?

How millionaires became millionaires ?

a recipe, how to become a millionaire, does not exist.Many people wonder how millionaires became millionaires to their example to try to achieve success in life.And, indeed, biographies of the rich and successful people can serve as an impetus for a dizzying career.

How millionaires became millionaires after 30 years

No matter what you are doing at the moment.Never too late to change your life for the better.You can become a millionaire by selling real estate or paper cups, a teacher working in a school or at a construction site carpenter.This was proved on his experience, people who have achieved success only after 30 years.

  1. McDonald's founder Ray Kroc.Up to 52 years old American Raymond Albert Kroc changed several activities: selling paper cups, played the piano and played in a jazz band, he worked at the radio station, sold multimixer.Supplying restaurants mixers, he met the McDonald brothers - owners of a small network of fast-food restaurants.To buy a franchise to open more restaurants, h
    e had to lay the house, and insurance.After 10 years, he has bought the rights to the McDonald's brand and became its owner edinopravnym.Ray Kroc lived in '82 and earned $ 600 million.
  2. Actor Harrison Ford and producer.As a child, Ford was a quiet, modest boy.After high school, he was at the insistence of parents enrolled in college, but departed from him for a few days before the release.During his studies, Harrison attended acting classes and gradually performances on stage were his hobby.At 22, he went to seek his fortune at the acting career in Hollywood.But in order to earn a living, Ford had to look for jobs in the cafe and pizzeria, as bit parts do not generate revenue.From despair Ford mastered the profession of carpenter-builder.Only a chance meeting with George Lucas returned to his acting career.Popularity H. Ford to come in 35 years after starring in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark."
  3. creator of Ford Motor Company Henry Ford.Parents Henry were immigrants from Ireland.In 15 years, he tired of farm life and he dropped out of school, ran away from home.In Detroit, Henry worked as a mechanical engineer, then chief engineer at the electric company Edison.All his spare time he devoted to the creation of the car and to the age of 30 has reached its goal.His own company Ford founded only 40 years, but the real success came to him after 5 years after the release of the famous model "Tin Lizzie."Henry Ford died at the age of 83 years old, and his condition at that time was estimated at $ 1 billion.
  4. Zara owner Amancio Ortega.Amancio family was so poor that he had been unable to obtain even a high school education.With 13 years he began to work in a peddler shirts store and later in a haberdashery.Since then, the sewing and sale of clothes became his dream, the implementation of which he was for many years.In 40 years, Ortega opened his first shop, the goods for which it is sewed together with his wife in their own living room.After 10 years of brand «Zara» stores were opened in New York, Paris and Portugal.Now Amancio Ortega - the richest man in Europe, and its holding company Inditex Group includes several textile brands.

Women's History

success is possible for a woman to earn a lot of money on their own, or it needs to marry a millionaire?The answer to this question are the biographies of famous and wealthy women.

  1. author of "Harry Potter" by JK Rowling.After graduation, Rowling worked for some time secretary-translator, then in the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.After the death of his mother, Joan moved to Portugal and took a job as an English teacher at the same time starting to write a book about Harry Potter.At this point, Joan became a single mother, and to complete the book The Scottish Arts Council has allocated J. Rowling a grant.Roman unknown writer was released when she was 32 years old, and instantly became a sensation.Today, Joanne Rowling is a multimillionaire status and is known all over the world.
  2. founder of cosmetic company Mary Kay Mary Kay Ash.Mary grew up in a poor family, who could not give her a proper education.After high school, she almost immediately got married, and after some time was left alone with three children.25 years of women's work salesman, reaching some success in this area.After retiring from work, she decided to share their experiences and write a book about business, who later became her business plan the company's future.Start-up capital amounted to only $ 5000, and the first year of operation has brought income $ 198,000.
  3. General Director of Xerox Ursula Burns.The black Ursula was born in a poor family in disadvantaged areas of Manhattan.To break out of poverty, a lot of the time she spent in the library and as a result has been Columbia University with a degree in mechanical engineering.Since graduation, her life is closely intertwined with Xerox.City Engineer has provided her comfortable existence, and dedication and professional skills to climb the ladder.In 2009, Ursula became CEO and led the corporation.