How to save money?

How to save money?

you want to make any significant purchase or just to save a decent amount of money for the future?No matter what the money will go, you should first think about and figure out how to save money.In this article, we'll give you a few tips that will help you achieve a positive result in the accumulation of their finances.

How to save money - tips

Each of the people who are engaged in the accumulation of money, give you recommendations.We offer you the most popular and effective ways on how to save money quickly:

  1. To start an account your income and expenses.If you are not satisfied with the level of their income, look for a more high-paying job or a source of additional income.On the expenditure side, for the successful accumulation of their need to learn to control strictly.Get yourself a notebook, which will enter all your daily expenses, from buying new clothes to travel in public transport.After a month of observations, analyze the results, calculate how much money you need to get to work, ti
    me to update clothing and shoes, fully fed, etc.Determine which of the spent money last month was more than try and give up this.
  2. Learn to save everything, wherever possible.For life does not become a routine, allow yourself to spend a small sum of money for small personal whim 1-2 times a week.But otherwise it is necessary to learn to save, otherwise the money and does not accumulate.For example, instead of having to spend money on going to the movies, you can select a different movie and watch it at home, and one that has recently been the premiere in theaters, coming soon on the web in good quality.Why spend money on what you can get for free?Learn to eat at home less go to cafes and restaurants.When buying large things are not too lazy to get around some shops and find a better offer.In store Bring a list of goods that need to buy, and buy strictly on it.And not to be tempted to spend more, take it with you to the store only to the amount that will go to the right product.To avoid unnecessary impulse purchases, be careful not to expose themselves to "Store to torture."No need to run to the store at a discount because the discount - often just a gimmick and nothing more.Do not go to the bookstore, shoe and clothing store, if you do not need this kind of products, etc.In general, you understand the principles of economy.Try it!
  3. to save money at home - is not safe, and it is a great temptation for yourself, and for the thieves.Better rewound through a reliable bank or savings account and save up money there.So it will be safer.If you have a habit all the time to pay bills for all services, then surely, you have accumulated a large amount of stuff in your wallet.Every evening, shovel it out of the bag, and to submit to the treasury.When the piggy bank is full, count all the money exchange them for bills and put into a savings account.
  4. you can change your attitude to money.Most people are cutting their costs and before the next salary that is not spent, lay.You can do otherwise - on receipt of wages each month, first delay at the expense of well-fixed amount, and the remainder are learning to live.And the money will accumulate and you will learn how to discipline their spending.If left unspent money from wages, and tomorrow or the day after will be a new, it is better to set aside money as a savings account.
  5. If you follow all these rules, you will soon start to notice that learned to handle money differently, and getting bigger.In order not to lose motivation, be sure to make sure that as increased the level of your income.It is also recommended not to tell anyone that you save up money.In others may want to use your money, ask them to borrow and invite to sit in a restaurant, at your expense, etc.It is necessary to you?It is better to keep it a secret.

These are the basic rules of money savings: increase revenues, decrease costs and competent control of the finances.But what if you need the money to some very large purchase, such as buying a car or an apartment?Let's talk about how to save money for an apartment.

kopim housing

Many people with an average salary seems simply incredible opportunity to save up for an apartment, because house prices seem to be just fabulous.In fact, if you make the right calculations and analyze your income that can go for housing, then all will be much easier.You can take a loan on a house and pay off gradually as far as possible.If there is an opportunity to take a more favorable credit, rather than a mortgage, take advantage of this offer.Here again, as important a clear account of their funds.In determining the amount that you will be able to pay the rent every month, be guided by your income.Do not take the maximum amount possible, because you do not know in advance whether to always be able to pay it.

There is another interesting, though a bit risky option of a property: you take an apartment on credit and at the same time it selite temporary tenants willing to rent an apartment.They each month will give you money for their stay, and that you will extinguish the loan.Even more risky option - in addition to the apartment to issue another loan for housing, which will have to live yourself.So, in fact, tenants will pay for one is your credit, but you will pay for a second.At the end of the term you will already have two apartments in the property!It is tempting, but risky.If the you can expect the tenants - the people and other people can bring.Therefore, before deciding on such step, good to have some pending amount on force majeure event for a loan payment - the search for new tenants, the tenants owe you, etc.

How to save money

teen teenager can save money from the sources of their income.Usually it is pocket money from parents and relatives.When you get the amount from the parents for lunch, spend money only on a normal meal at school, do not buy sweets, beautiful notebooks, key rings, etc. simply because they wanted to.The remainder of the money is better to defer to his piggy bank.

summer, in their free time, you can find a part time job or an easy - stay postman, promoter, etc.The resulting salary, of course, also be postponed for accumulation.Now you know how to save money schoolboy without harm to themselves and parental money.