Scams work , how to avoid fraud ?

Scams work , how to avoid fraud ?

Cheating on the employment market - not a rare phenomenon.And in the period of economic instability unscrupulous employers feel particularly comfortable, shamelessly cashing in on unsuspecting job seekers work.

How to protect yourself from fraud?

solve this problem is not difficult - just observe basic safety precautions:

1. Do not be naive - for unskilled labor, no one will pay the salary of 150 thousand rubles..!Man's love for "freeloading" indestructible, but still should not count on mega-earnings gluing envelopes, assembling toys or reprint text

home 2.Ukazanie real rates move up the career ladder - another feature of bona fide employers.Do not believe the promises of one year to move you with the courier vacancy for the post of commercial director of the firm!Remember: promotion requires special education, the repeated passage of retraining courses and other barriers to overcome mass

3.Vesomy reason to guard - the lack of contact information about the employing company.A successful

company is willing to pay its employees real wages, be sure to provide applicants OKPO code, address, phone number and other data, which can be found in the relevant state registry

4.Obratite attention to the clarity of guidance scope of a potential employer.Reliable firm usually accompany job description detailed presentation from which you can learn how many years, the organization is working on a niche market, whether it has subsidiaries and partners in other cities.

Organization, through which fraudsters operate

most often to lure people in need of quick employment, unscrupulous employers use paid Internet services of two types:

Websites offering paid training to obtain the guarantees promising positions.Needless to say that after the payment of the money you will not get any promised the knowledge nor the workplace;

Agency for Employment.Jobseeker are invited to make a certain amount of - charge manager, undertake to make the name of the candidate in a special database.On the assurances of fraud, with these data has the best employers in the city, the country, all over the globe!In fact, having received the requested "bribe" your "benefactors" will evaporate to an unknown destination!

Be vigilant!

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