Why do you want to work ?

Why do you want to work ?

When applying for a new job is often necessary to go through several stages: competition, security check, an interview.If the first two steps completed successfully, you need to carefully prepare for the latter.Most candidates are refused becausecan not answer a simple question: "Why do you want to work in our company?" How correctly to answer this question and to have an interview?

asking the question about the choice of the organization, the interviewer seeks to understand what goals the applicant and how it will affect his work.Therefore, in order to answer this question, you need to prepare in advance.

  1. Learn information about the company: history, scope, ups and downs, the situation at the moment.
  2. Compare the current position of the company business with competitors.Read and write the names of organizations that have a smaller profit, customer base, productivity.
  3. Employees learn about the organization of internal politics, culture, nuances of work, relations with the authorities.

sample response

In order to show a good side and like the employer to answer the "why I want to work in the company" must be as follows:

  • As I know, in the organization of friendly and close-knit team.Therefore, working in such a strong team, I will be able to show better results.
  • your company is on the market for many years and holds the position of steel.I'm attracted to your company because of the confidence in the future, given the situation on the market.
  • The company occupies a leading position in the market.It leaves far behind such a strong company as ... (give names of organizations prepared).I do not like to lose, so I want to work on the side of a strong player.
  • I studied the activity of your company, and I think it has the potential for extensive development in the area.In turn, I would like to do everything possible to achieve this goal.
  • I like the position taken by the company in this area.I'm sure that this is where my knowledge and useful skills, and I will be able to reach their potential.


also need to know the standard errors, which may cause distrust and negativity for the employer, and even lead to failure.These include responses:

  • I was attracted high salary for little work load.
  • working with you, you can get different privileges (free accommodation, travel, vacation, apartment, car, etc.).
  • where bosses loyal to subordinates and will not be punished for mistakes.

With the passage of the interview should be determined to decide for yourself what you want to work in this company.Such confidence will, without delay and with confidence to answer any question, and the interview will be successfully completed.

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