Top 5 positions that do not require work experience

Top 5 positions that do not require work experience

Everyone knows that a job-time Moscow today extremely difficult.Most organizations need experienced professionals who are ready immediately to comply fully with their obligations.Young professionals who have just graduated from high school and before that never worked, are experiencing serious difficulties in finding a job, especially when it comes to graduates of humanitarian faculties.

much easier to find a job part-time engineers.These professionals today need a lot of capital to companies.The fact is that for almost ten years, this profession is considered to be undervalued and graduates of technical faculties, after graduation went to the post, in no way connected with the main specialty.Today, the capital of the dire need for qualified engineers, so even competitors, many companies take very readily without experience.

Find job that does not require experience in Moscow, it's best on the Internet.Many capital companies actively use this method to find new employees.What are the most popular

posts, which take even students?


In order to work as a security guard does not need to have experience.All that is necessary - to be in good physical shape.When it comes to work as a security guard at a bank or jewelry store, then from applicants require compulsory military training and asked to pass drug tests.In Moscow, the guards retailers and shops earn about 25 thousand rubles.More professionals receive guarding banks.


Today, a lot of capital companies in dire need of a courier.Such specialists are needed, and courier services, and online stores, and various companies.In order to find a job, do not have higher education or work experience.It is important that health was at a high level.Some companies need couriers with private car.In this case, you will need a driver's license and the vehicle.On average, in the capital of couriers earn around 30 thousand rubles.

bartender or waiter

Many catering establishments of the capital regularly need those or other employees: cleaners, bartenders, waiters, kitchen utility workers, and so on.To work in these positions are even people who have no experience.The main thing - to be punctual, polite and sociable.Wages in the restaurant business will start from 30 thousand rubles.

taxi driver

Another easy job for part-time candidates.In this case, it is important to have a private car, the right to the desired category and know the city very well.In a month in Moscow, so you can earn up to 60 thousand rubles.


Many metropolitan real estate companies looking for realtors, even without experience.From applicants require interpersonal skills and responsibility.For many employers of labor experience it is not important if a person finds a good deal.Salary estate professionals depends on the number of transactions executed and can vary from 25 to 100 thousand rubles per month.