How to attract wealth?

How to attract wealth?

Wealth for everyone - it is a relative concept that depends on each individual's needs.But not always the accumulation of savings and lead to wealth.Money likes to be spent, which brings us to the needs of their earnings or to attract.

Man can not live without faith it is for the best.But hope alone will not long maintain the spirit, so that people at all times, invented signs that fueled their hopes.

Someone will say that it does not superstition, but actually acting methods.My skeptical same view is that it's all about self-hypnosis.It is, indeed, capable of performing miracles.

attract wealth into the house

For those who want to know about how to attract wealth and preserve it, and believe in signs, talk about some beliefs:

  1. It is believed that during the gluing wallpaper to stick by themeach corner on the bill, and then prosperity will not leave the house.
  2. can in all corners of the room to put one coin and leave them there - it is also to prosperity.
  3. say that finding a coin on the grou
    nd, which is an eagle up - to wealth, this will certainly have to take, if the coin is tails up - not worth taking.
  4. Wallet never be left empty, it must necessarily be at least she notes.
  5. In the New Year are advised to throw a glass of champagne in a ten-coin, drink champagne, make a desired amount, and coin the whole year to carry and do not spend.It is believed that the amount is required to make come true, you will have next year.
  6. Purchase a money tree.It is believed that the density of its foliage tells about the future financial improvement.Sprouts also can not give to others.And on the bottom of the pot to put 10 large coins.
  7. can purchase any symbol of wealth.Choosing an amulet, refer to the science of Feng Shui.If you practice Feng Shui principles in your home you have to be a three-legged toad, which holds the coin in the mouth - the embodiment of wealth.Its definitely recommended to put your back to the door in the southeast corner of the room.You can purchase this attribute as a happy Hotei Buddha, which in addition to money foretells happiness and joy.
  8. say: Money love the account.Think of them more often and put in the right order: each type of bills separately, the same side up.So you need to carefully treat him.
  9. Keep in your wallet happy bill.How to find a happy bill?Very simple - take any bill and believe with all my heart that it will bring you prosperity.
  10. Recover other people's debts should be only in the mornings.
  11. heard from many council that giving money to the debt, it is necessary to keep the fig in the pocket.

I, for example, for several years in a purse are $ 2.To me they were out of the welding box (action they had such).Using them does not make sense, because it needs to go to the exchange.Here lie.Of course, during that time I was faced with critical moments of life, and rises were.But in my life there were a stable source of "wealth."The word "wealth" was in quotation marks on purpose.Of course, to call himself a rich man, I can not, but there was stability.Perhaps this contributed to a happy note.

How not to lose their wealth?

Since childhood, the mother, the grandmother scolded me with my brother for a whistle in the house for crumbs that sometimes collected by hand from the table ... That's because they were afraid of losing wealth.This is a very angry.But if a child we are not worried about the money issue, you grow up, we realize that we no longer hope for someone.So we hope that God, we begin to believe in omens, superstitions and magic.We make money on the plot for the financial well-being.

tell you what not to do, that money is not gone:

  1. not whistle in the house
  2. not collect crumbs from the table by hand without napkins
  3. give money to anyone in the evening, and if necessary, we must not give into the hands ofand put on the table, on the floor or somewhere else
  4. can not be in the evening to sweep and take out the garbage from the house
  5. not leave a purse empty
  6. can not sit on
  7. dining table do not know why, but they say that the beggar bill not giveworth it - he will remain without money
  8. desolate bottle to leave the table - to the devastation of the house and even fatalities
  9. can not whisk broom to put down.

Conspiracies wealth

As for the conspiracy, in this issue I'm a skeptic.Just do not understand how you can believe in them, but still can not ignore the way in which, as they say, promises to attract wealth.It recommended any money that comes to hand, from the translation start talking immediately following words:

  1. five-ruble conspiracy.Make the plot on a five-ruble coin, which is obtained, as a rule, together with the delivery.Upon receipt of it must sazu same mark and delete the rest of the money in the purse, saying: "I'm going to auction a merchant, going back to the sable stiff upper lip.I bring home the treasure.Give God, so much money, so there was nowhere to put.Amen".Pay off it it is necessary to exactly one month, and at the same time to mark a new five rubles with delivery, repeating the plot.Perform this ritual is recommended 3 times.
  2. Conspiracy new broom at the growing moon.Those.conspiracy to read it to a new, unused broom.Get up early in the morning and begin to sweep the house from the threshold, ie,into the house, and saying: "Rubbish from home - get the money into the house, broom bow."After the garbage should be collected and thrown away, and put the broom in the usual place, but only a broom up.
  3. Broom in matters of money, seems to play an important role (very much take it involves, as well as plots).Here is another plot for a new broom, associated with attracting money into the house.New broom need to tie a green ribbon, and before going to bed around the house to scatter coins.In the morning you must get up early and sweep away all the coins a new broom, saying: "I collect coins, wealth, beckoning, silver and gold, I'll be rich."

Here are a few skimpy plots that read on the coins.

  • "Money - the money",
  • ¬ęThose guys you and me a full box, and I was full of granaries and barns, good house, a purse of money, of gold and silver.I am the prince and merchant me happiness crown.Amen "- when you receive money from the enemy.

coins must be put in a secluded place, put them in a bag.Do not touch it for a year.Doing this plot should be strictly with the young growing moon.It is believed that the deferred coins will attract wealth into the house.A broom can also be used in everyday life, it is better - in the kitchen.

My advice is - Get the most favorite thing, put in his soul and strength, then wealth will come without any will and conspiracy.Enough to rely on the case, start to act and become rich.Good luck!