How to multiply money ?

How to multiply money ?

Who does not want to increase their capital by making a profitable investment?The only question is where and how you can make a contribution, so as not to lose their money.On the Internet there is a lot of material on this subject and can be a long long hours reading and studying.This article explains how to multiply money, what methods exist today.


bank If a person is in possession of a large sum of money, it can be put at interest in the bank.However, it is no secret that the interest accrued on the bank accounts of their depositors, there is scanty small (about 5-6% per annum).Therefore, in such a way to increase their capital - option is not always profitable.To do this, choose the best deal on your contribution, which is offered by the bank.


addition to the standard or deposit account in a bank, you can also open the OMS (depersonalized metal account).This type of account assumes no money, and the weight of the metal, which you have acquired a certain amount despite the fact

that the metal itself will not be issued, but only numbers on paper.The bottom line is that prices per gram of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc.It changes every day.For example, you get a certain amount of gold for a certain amount, and your account is prescribed weight (in grams) of the precious metal.For example, in a month price of this metal has increased two times.You go to your bank and get a substantial profit from their investments.

Precious metals

How to multiply money by using precious metals?In addition to the virtual bank can be purchased and these precious metals.This is more attractive than the previous version, as the bar is in your hands.However, there are some minuses in this type of income.First, prices for the metal, as we have seen, sets the bank itself, regardless of the market.This means that buying a bar of today, not the fact that it will be able to profitably sell even a year later.It depends also on the fact that prices for the purchase and sale are significantly different from each other.Having bought the metal bar at the same price today, tomorrow, for example in the case of urgent need, you can sell it for the amount of the order of 20% below the cost of its acquisition.Such a prospect unattractive, to say the least.Second, purchasing precious metals bullion, there is a need somewhere to store them.If this is your house, one day, after returning from work, you can simply find your treasure.When you purchase bullion, the bank is full information about you: name, place of residence, residence, etc.Who knows who might get this information, for example, through a teller or other bank employees.

Trading on the stock market

Playing on the stock exchange, it is really possible to earn.But here you need experience and specific skills, as well as discipline.Reading professional literature on the stock exchanges, it is possible to try to make their earnings.earnings amount depends on the amount of deposit, and other factors.In practice, the income may be different.For one exchange - is part-time, for others - a basic salary.


This is certainly a profitable business, but it requires a significant start-up capital.Buying a house from the developer to zero during the construction phase, the amount of the final profit will be significantly higher than after the purchase and sale of nearly new housing.And the course will be more profitable to buy 5 one-bedroom apartments and then sell them than, for example, 3-bedroom.Here it is necessary to consider and analyze.

Real estate and rental

How to save money and increase the most reliable way?Especially popular option today - the acquisition of property abroad or in their home country for further putting it out.This option will provide constant and continuous flow of money.