How to get rich ?

How to get rich ?

you have been dreaming to become more than a person with an average salary, you might want to be fabulously wealthy, and perhaps more down to earth - to find, finally, financial independence, as well as the rich, do not you know?

All successful people for a long time know and understand how to get rich, but their share secrets reluctantly.All they know how to draw to themselves the money, they love money, and therefore, they respond to them in return.You just look at any rich person of your entourage.It is certainly not is tracked on the couch, devoured by envy of a neighbor of buying a new car, departure on holidays in foreign countries.He, on the contrary, is working around the clock, believing in yourself and the result of their work, leading to assume full accountability in all their actions.

Clear business to get rich, do not need the help of magic.But there is something mystical in it, because the man himself sets the program and the motivation for their actions.Yes, of course, the opinions

of others is not necessary to expose the blacklist, but each act of the final output should be exclusively yours.A successful people all actions calculate a few steps ahead.

How rich Prokhorov, I wonder?He loved and respected money.The money must be treated with dignity, do not stuff them crumpled lump in the back pocket of his jeans, and keep in your wallet.Money through love - have you heard?This is true, and yet they enjoy the respect and tender care.

No matter how you want to be rich - from scratch or having seed capital, abroad or you are planning to make a fortune in Russia, combines this desire one thing - must be firmly aware of its purpose, and strive to achieve it.

How to get rich: Tips

How to get rich quick, or at least a little to improve their situation?I recommend to read some tips on how to get rich:

  • most important - reconfigure in a new way.Throw away negative thoughts (to get rich in real estate is unreal, competitors beasts, sharks and other businesses).Do yourself a mantra in the style of "I love money, and they love me", tune in a positive way.Protect your good mood!
  • Residence.Clean, finally, your home from all sorts of debris, try to arrange the furniture according to Feng Shui.But what if?Our house - only mediator between us and the universe.Throw all unnecessary things, do not accumulate useless stuff, be able to part with otzhitymi stages of life.Keep the deadly grip of junk - the psychology of the poor man.Motivates?
  • Only buy new and expensive, quality items.Miser pays twice.Remember the famous quote: "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things."
  • Believe in luck!Passing the kiosk, buy a lottery ticket.Suddenly you're lucky?
  • Learn to save money by buying only the really necessary things of decent quality.
  • Open yourself a bank account and as soon as possible a little delay.
  • Find a talent and learn to apply it in practice.Share your skills with people, work as a head much more promising than the hands.
  • Communicate often with successful people who could realize their ambitions and achieve well-being in the life practice.
  • invest their money.As you know, the money should work, just so they can multiply with a decent rate.Risk - a noble cause.
  • not cover herself invisible cap.Shift work at a decent, well-paid.If you need additional knowledge, education, get them.Never too late to learn!

understand how to get rich, is given, as a rule, only those who are already successful.For self-development - the hard work, there is no place for idlers and the fans of "freebies".You may be rich, so why even do not use its opportunities?Bender selling air ...

Good luck in all your endeavors!