What to write in a CV?

What to write in a CV?

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What to write in a CV?

Everyone at least once in a situation where he needed to write a resume.The question of what to write about his job, worries many because the text should describe the person as an employee, and describe it best.Consider the key points in the preparation of the summary.

Highlights resume

To resume writing is to approach responsibly, and pay special attention to key points.It is compliance with these parameters will help in making the right job, with which the employer will be able to adequately assess the future employee.


The first and perhaps the most important point in writing a resume will descriptiveness.It should include a summary only relevant information - one that relates directly to the man, his education, professional skills, people skills and the key qualities of character.

In summary, you can also include information about their interests and hobbies, but do not pay it too much attention.For exampl

e, the information that you have a great cook Spanish food or for several years involved in motocross, is unlikely to help the employer to evaluate you as a worker, or a better understanding of communication skills in the team.


As in any other text in the summary should adhere to the principle of consistency.Piecemeal presentation of information is especially important in the description of learning activities and experiences in other companies.For example, increasing the professional classification can not go before, the institute or university.Also, if you receive a second higher education "interrupted" during an internship or work in a company, it is also worth pointing out to clarify and preserve the temporal sequence of events.


presentation logic is directly linked to the narrative sequence.The irrational, incoherent proposals, absence of auxiliary words violate the logic of the text.Such a summary would be difficult to read and understand what the author wrote.

should remember that resume, built logically, has a clear structure - this division into semantic parts, mandatory headings, subheadings required red line and paragraph.


Typically the volume of CV should not exceed 2 pages.A large amount of difficult to understand, but too small - Page 1 - is often not sufficient to describe the skills and work experience.

Structure resume

Like any document, the summary has a clear structure and build the logic.Compliance with these rules will increase the chances that the employer or HR-manager reads the summary to the end and be able to quickly and easily find the desired information.

purpose of writing a resume

should tell about the purpose of writing the resume first.It is necessary to focus on the employer and its needs and describe the purpose so that it coincides with what is required of the company.An excellent example of this is a job, when a man once wrote a post to which he aspires.This facilitates resume to prospective employers.

Personal Info

course, in summary indicates the name and date of birth, as well as personal information on marital status.Some summary contains information about the readiness to move to another city or country.Often in the same section located contact information - phone, e-mail and other methods of communication.Some suggest a link to a page on a social network, but it is not a requirement.

Education Information

This section is purely exploratory in nature.It is recommended to specify the name of the institution and the results of training - a degree, eg Bachelor, Master, Specialist, PhD, Doctor.You can also note the special academic achievements such as graduation with honors (red diploma).Do not forget about the start and end dates of training activities and information about further education - second degree, courses of improvement of classification and receive diplomas and certificates.


Description of experience should be consistent.It is recommended to start the story from the last job.This section should indicate the position and the period of work.To make out a new job description should be on a new line.Do not forget about specifying the main responsibilities, as well as the number of subordinates (if any), and specific projects that could be implemented in the company.Also, be sure to write on the successful performance of duties and results of operation.

Key skills

to the employer was able to understand how well a potential employee will be able to cope with the responsibilities in the resume should be itemized as key skills, such as knowledge of foreign languages ​​and computer programs.In addition to professional skills, should be described and the personal qualities that help build relationships in the community and with the authorities.

recommendations from previous jobs

presence of recommendations from previous jobs will be a huge plus.They should not be included in the main text of the summary, not to increase its volume.Letters of recommendation can be supported by a summary of individual files.

What to write in a resume to the student?

To resume a student, you must pay attention to the description of practices, training and obtaining various certificates (flow rates, participation in seminars or training).So, even without experience, you can tell us about your key skills and skills that are sure to unfold in the first positions.

sure to specify if you during the study participated in student conferences, receive scholarships or, for example, actively involved in the student union (it will confirm your makings of a leader).Also it is necessary to provide information about language proficiency, computer programs.At the end, you can write about employment expectations and willingness to learn.These same principles should be followed in order to create a resume without work experience.

How to write the perfect resume?

Ideally resume compliance with all the key principles of writing, is given by relevant objective information about the worker that characterizes his best.To write a perfect resume, you should use sparingly clichés and common phrases.Custom phrases and manner of presentation of the author's will resume the unusual and bright, and it will immediately attract the attention of the employer.