How to call a tablet ?

How to call a tablet ?

Despite the fact that mobile phones for the modern man has long been a familiar and at the same time an affordable thing, many believe that the tablet should have a communication function.But as it is possible to call a tablet?What are the characteristics or functions it should have, so the user can make a call?

Function Cellular

When buying a tablet note the presence of Cellular function, which translated to English means "Cell."Of course, the tablet with a "chip" is more expensive than usual, but because of it the user can make calls, plus use mobile Internet from mobile operator.At this point deficit tablets equipped with this feature is not present, and you can find them easily.

Typically, device packaging can see the model name and additional inscription «Cellular + 3G» or «Cellular + 4G».This means that the device is also able to operate as a mobile phone.The difference between these designations is merely that 4G is a new communication standard, so-called fourth generation.In terms of im

plementation calls no appreciable difference between the standards.

Please note, if the label is the inscription «+ 3G» or «+ 4G», but there is no «Cellular», this may mean that the tablet does not call functions, but only works with Internet the third and fourth generations.

Call a tablet equipped with a function of Cellular, you can also, as with a conventional mobile phone.Simply choose the call function, dial the number and call.

How to use the tablet without Cellular function?

reasonable question arises whether it is possible to call from the tablet without calling function?If the device does not have such a function, then it is not just the so-called GSM communication module.However, if you download a special program, for example, the same Skype or Whats App, you can make a call on a cell phone, and the home number.You only need access to the Internet, which you can obtain in the presence of the tablet connectivity features to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

How to call from the tablet to Android or iOS, Windows?

In fact, the tablet operating system does not affect the ability to call in the presence of at devaysa desired function.Therefore, if the other person has a tablet with Cellular function, you can make calls from the tablet as a normal smartphone c same iOS or Android.If not, you can use Skype.

Conclusions on the above

As a conclusion we can say that if you are interested in calls to certain mobile operators, it is more convenient to buy a tablet with Cellular function for which you also need a mobile operator SIM card.However, if you do not want to spend money on additional capabilities of the device, you can use free software to make calls.However, it should be remembered that the calls with them are more expensive, if only we are not talking about long distance or international calls.