How to make money on gold ?

How to make money on gold ?

For centuries, gold is one of the most important human wealth.This reputation has earned this precious metal due to its durable properties and rarity.

Currently, the gold has become more and investment attractiveness.And this is not surprising, because investing in gold - one of the safest types of investments.On the different ways of how to invest their savings in gold to earn on it, and will be discussed further.

How to earn on gold: types of investments

Each of the following types of investment in gold has its own characteristics, to be aware of every potential investor.

  1. Buying gold bullion.Banks selling bullion, prischityvayut their price VAT (18%), and the money is not returned at the repurchase.In addition, a fee is charged for possession of an ingot outside the special bank vault, and in the sale back removed another 10% over the authenticity of the examination.That is, to get real income with ingots of gold for the year should grow by at least 25%.It should also be wary of entering in
    to financial pyramids, offering to buy bullion is not subject to VAT and quickly earn a bonus of attracting new customers.This scheme - a deliberate deception, as if her physical gold is not necessary.Financial pyramid operates on the principle of a snowball.For example, if your payments for bonuses to entice you need in 14, the benefit is a result of every 15th participant, and the steel will lose their deposits.
  2. Buying weight of gold coins of the Central Bank.The cost of such coins are usually not much different from the current value of gold.The coin easily implemented, but usually purchased by banks at the rate significantly below the rate of the initial sale.Income opportunities, but it's not happening fast.
  3. Opening a bank "depersonalized metal account" (OMC).On this account recorded only programs of the precious metal.The banks take into account the amount of gold paid customers on the basis of its current value on the world market, and at the closing of the account pays them the value of gold at the current price.
  4. Investing in rare coins.Gold Coin in one ounce, having numismatic value, can cost tens of thousands of dollars.This is a profitable investment, as the price of these coins can jump very high.
  5. Investments in Exchange Traded Funds or ETF (exchange-traded funds).These "golden fund" give the investor the right to participate in the gold trade without having to buy physical.In foreign traded gold market instruments may be invested through intermediaries, or independently (through the online trading system).

Knowing how to make money on gold, you can greatly increase your material income.The main thing - to follow the dynamics of the market and do not fall for scams.