How to cash out money from your phone ?

How to cash out money from your phone ?

If you need cash, and the money is there, but only on the SIM-card, you can cash out money from your mobile phone.There are several ways to do this.Each of them is not illegal, but simply to help get the right amount for your needs.

Method one: Lock SIM-card

If you are interested in the question about how to cash out money from your phone, you can seek help from a service center.True, it is necessary to block the SIM card, but the money from the account, you will get your hands on.If you do not mind to change your mobile phone number, you can come to your service center operator, to bring your passport, contract.Having blocked sim card, you get money, which remained on it.However, not immediately, after some time, but it will get.For information about how much you have to wait to cash out money from your mobile phone, you will tell the operator center.

Method two: through Webmoney

Before you cash out money from your phone via Webmoney, you need to go to the official website, create an account

there, create your passport and the page with the electronic purse.To make it all possible through the computer or through the phone.After registration, you need to install web-Keeper.namely Keeper Slassic open Z (for dollars) purse.Now you need to read the contract, agree with the rules, browse all the answers to your questions, so you had no problems with translations.

Then you need to send a request to the short number (located on site), to send the code.So you'll pay to send messages, and the money spent on the SMS will be sent to your web wallet.Before you send a message, you need to send the number of your wallet to the address indicated on the Webmoney website.Then you will get instructions on what to do next, where to send the codes, the code numbers for yourself and the date when you will get your money.

Once all the procedures are done, you can check for the presence of the purse money.When the withdrawal amount will be optimal, you can make a conclusion on the card or bank account.If you want to make an exchange for rubles, euros, other currencies.Thus, concluding, you can cash out money from your mobile phone.

The third way: through an intermediary

How to cash money from the phone?You can use a simple method.Network operators offer a transfer service.If the account has a large amount of money, you can refer to a person who needs the money to the account.Translate it amount to the SIM card instead of cash withdrawal.Perhaps your friend or neighbor, you need to update your account or you can offer this service to other people.Make transfers, receive their money in cash, with or without interest.