How to quit on their own ?

How to quit on their own ?

work.We spend a third of our lives at work.Someone carries with it, someone not very.Work ennobles man - it is a fact.But in our time, not every work - work, and each work - it ennobles the soul work.What to do if you have to leave work?How to be?And as the quit right?Let's try to deal with this difficult issue emotionally.So:

How to quit on their own?

The first thing you need to remember - this is what writing a letter of resignation and giving it to the Secretary, you lose the opportunity to change their decision.This kind of feature, after which there is no possibility of retreat.On this basis, it is necessary to weigh all the "pros" and "cons."It should be exactly sure of the new place of work, well, only then to notify all others as colleagues and superiors.Proper planning their career movement can save your image, the image of a professional or business person who does not mix emotions with the case.

Write to resign at his own request and set aside for a while.Try to negotiate with the ne

w employer on him to leave you some time to think.Two weeks is enough.Having made the decision, you can go to the authorities.

Remember how your boss took care of your colleagues.It will help to quit on their own.boss attitude to your care may play a cruel joke for your future career.Be prepared and to the fact that you will be persuaded to stay and work in this company.Often, many bosses offer increasing career, material possessions in an envelope, a company car, and much more.These offers can confuse you.There is another scenario.Head will be angry and annoyed that can badly affect the whole painful process of dismissal.

sure to tell the boss that you appreciate the experience gained in the walls of the company and are grateful for his work.Thank and say goodbye to their colleagues.