How to download maps to your unit ?

How to download maps to your unit ?

Nowadays, almost any motorist uses the navigator.Since it is convenient to find the right street and home address, view traffic jams in the city, as well as pave the optimal route.Usually navigators come with preinstalled maps of cities, however, these maps may be outdated or not be accurate.Then motorists looking to download new maps in the browser, and not only official, but also amateur.

consider in more detail how you can own to download the new official and unofficial card in different navigators.

Installing official maps

On Navigator Garmin

To install the free update maps on Garmin Navigator, you must

  1. MapChecker Download and install the program from the official site.
  2. Run the program and check the browser version in the presence of cards.To do this, you must connect the navigator usb-wire to the computer or use a USB flash drive from the Navigator.
  3. Then the program will link where you need to go and download the new maps in the browser or USB flash drive.

After that, your device

will have the latest version of the official maps.

On the navigator Navitel

To install the maps Navitel Navigator, you must

  1. View personal account on the official website of Navitel.Go to the subsection "My devices (update)".
  2. Select the last update to the table, and download it.It is necessary to take into account the compatibility with your device.
  3. Connect the device or memory card to a computer.
  4. Before loading card, remove the previous version of the folder «\ NavitelContent \ Maps \».
  5. loaded in the same folder and run the updated maps of the device, so that it has updated atlases.

Download Navitel Navigator maps can be updated via wireless network and on the device itself.Go to the menu item "My Navitel - update" and choose the cards that you need to update.After that will download files from the network.

On navigator Autosputnik

update maps on the navigator Autosputnik harder than the rest of the Navigators.More detailed instructions can be found on the official site.

Installing unofficial cards

On Navigator Garmin

Installing unofficial free maps based on OpenStreetMap happens so

  1. Download and install the MapSource program from the official site of Garmin.
  2. Unzip the files and run MSMAIN file.msi, and then the file Setup.exe.The program is installed automatically.
  3. Download unofficial maps for Garmin navigator.It is important that files have the same extension as the official.
  4. For each card file, you must run the INSTALL file to add the data in the computer registry.
  5. Start MapSource and in "Sluzhebnye- & gt; Management of cartographic products" you can see all your cards.

After the process is complete, you can view all the files in the program window and send them to the Garmin navigator, which is connected to the computer.

On the navigator Navitel

To install any cards on the navigator Navitel need

  1. Download amateur card with file storage Rambler.
  2. Connect your device or a USB flash drive from his computer.
  3. Create a separate folder for any informal cards.The name can be anything, but in English.
  4. In the new folder, create another folder for each new file to be added.
  5. Transfer all downloaded files in the folder.
  6. Disconnect Navigator from your computer or insert the USB flash drive navigator with maps.
  7. The browser menu click the item "Open Atlas" and create a new atlas.To do this, we pass on the way to the new card and click on them.
  8. Wait for the new atlas is created.

You can then use the new maps to your device Navitel.

On navigator Autosputnik

Informal card for Autosputnik browser loading as well as official, but with the omission of the registration point.See how the process in this browser, you can in "Setting the official maps (on the navigator Autosputnik)."

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