How to quit ?

How to quit ?

believed that to get a good job difficult.Developed the whole system allows interested potential employer through the resume and successfully pass an interview.

much more significant benefits on how to properly quit your job.Slips in employment will not bring harm, but is allowed on the stage firing errors can harm both the material and moral side.

search for a new job

Before announcing the management of their intentions to leave the institution, should be to find a new job.Various interviews and reviewing resumes can take up a lot of time.Where better to spend it without being unemployed.To do this, you can take time off or go to the hospital.

It is important that the impending dismissal did not reach the ears of not only management, but also colleagues.This is especially true if a competing company is regarded as a future place of work.By "defectors" it has always been accepted with distrust, and this in turn can complicate the process of delivery and acceptance of responsibility objects (do

cuments, material assets, business contacts, premises).

In addition, awareness of the employer will allow it to reduce the amount of severance pay.If your organization has been accepted to provide (and pay for) the annual leave of 40 days, not that celebrated the employee severance payment can be issued only for the two weeks required by law.We should expect also the deprivation of premiums and interest allowances (if any).


The new location is found, the interview completed, it remains only to quit and start working on a new host.But here, many might be waiting a lot of trouble.The main of them - it is a necessity to work for another two weeks after application.

Some organizations allow leave without working out, because it becomes dangerous if not, then at least useless during this period the employee.It is most of the time is to drink tea in the staff room and to delay delivery of production volumes.Why strain if still leave soon?

On the other businesses the lack of employees or the personal qualities of the head may raise the issue mining is particularly acute.Refusing to spend extra days in the same place without a good reason (illness, military service, etc.), The employee violates the Labour Code and is liable to pay for it the ruble.

best option given the situation permits will advance podgadat exit time on vacation and write a statement directly in the days of its inception.Thus, it is possible to receive normal pay for the enterprise and not to return to work after the expiration of rest.

holiday is considered a continuation of the employment relationship.The employee is obliged to work for two weeks before the dismissal and inform the employer of his intentions two weeks.

relations in collective

the above recommendations, it is not necessary to adhere to the organization where between employees and bosses are good trusting relationship.Here, the employee will not put a spoke in the wheel, but rather arrange a warm farewell and may be given a financial allowance.

Of course, this is often necessary to find a candidate to replace themselves and teach him.But so it will be able to maintain a good relationship with the people to whom in life, perhaps, will have to handle.

also not advisable to throw its work in recent days.Backlog of cases will have to rake the remaining employees, who may perceive a "farewell gesture" as premeditated nasty to them personally.On the contrary, the last days of better work with increased efficiency.It will be remembered and superiors, and former comrades.The memory is the last word, deeds and impressions.

net past

requiring higher performance in the last weeks before the dismissal must add another important point.Mistake to assume that the departure from the previous place of work completely severs all relation to its activities.Older worker errors can be identified and after his departure.Depending on the degree of violation of these "tails" can serve as a basis for administrative or criminal proceedings.

Therefore, the last few days should be devoted to audit their activities in a particular organization.Detection and elimination of defects (eg, documentation) let free to go to the future without the past experience.

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