How to prepare multivarka ?

How to prepare multivarka ?

Multivarki appeared in our kitchens is not so long ago, but have already gained a whole army of fans addicted to prepare them literally everything from strawberry jam and ending with lamb stew.And there is nothing surprising in this, because to cook in multivarka pleasure: Download the necessary products, ponazhimat on the buttons, and everything - your porridge, chicken and pastries prepared by themselves.If you have recently started to think, do not buy you imagine such a wonderful kitchen appliance, you first must learn how to work multivarka and what kind of food it is possible to prepare, so you are not disappointed in their purchase

Types multivarok

All availableSales Multivarki can be divided into two large groups.Multivarki - a pressure cooker.The cooking process which takes place at an elevated pressure that is generated inside the bowl due to the fact that it closes hermetically, and steam generated from the boiling liquid, is not exhausted.Such a high vapor pressure can increase to t

he boiling point of 120 * C, which significantly reduces the time needed for preparation.Conventional Multivarki have a special outlet valve that goes through the vapor formed during boiling, so the food cooked in them, just as in the conventional pot, t. E. At atmospheric pressure.

multivarka How does and how it is arranged

«heart» of any Multivarki - intelligent microprocessor.It is he who controls the water temperature, vapor pressure and cooking time of a food depending on the mode you.Cooking in multivarka caused by one of the programs that are built into it by the manufacturer.Simple models have only five - seven of these set of algorithms, the more expensive and complex Multivarki already equipped with several tens of cooking programs.In addition to the actual processor and an electronic display mounted in a single control unit, in Multivarki structure consists of the following parts:

  • housing, which have cost multivarok made of impact-resistant plastic, while the more expensive models - stainless steel.
  • Bowl, in which the food is prepared.At its core is a pan with non-stick coating (ceramic or Teflon).It is detachable and placed inside the housing.
  • cover, sealed bowl.It is mounted a valve which regulates the vapor pressure in the pan.
  • pressure and temperature sensors.They transmit the information to the control unit and that, depending on the data, reduces or increases the heating temperature.
  • heating elements.Heat the contents of the bowl can be either conventional electric TAN, or, more preferably, an induction heater.

multivarka how to cook.The general procedure for its work

Before working Multivarki it, depending on the recipe, or just lay all the necessary ingredients, or portions thereof, are added later in the cooking process.Then it remains only to choose to display the desired mode, press the button, and multivarka earn - heater starts to heat up to the required temperature, and from time to time be switched off in accordance with a given program.Built-in timer to control the cooking time.If the program provides a break for laying the second part of the products, at the right time multivarka suspend the cooking process, beeps and after will be added to the missing components and press the desired button, it will continue the process of work.

modes in which it operates multivarka

Multivarki usually have several modes of cooking cereals.This allows you to cook with the same success as crisp cereal, such as rice or buckwheat and porridge viscous, usually preparing milk.

  • cooking mode steaming.This multivarka operates as a simple pressure cooker, it thus in a strong boiling water can cook dumplings, dumplings, vegetables, fish or poultry.
  • mode "quenching".In the "quenching" mode multivarka with continued slow heating can cook stews, roasts, ratatouille and even beef gelatin.
  • Mode "Homemade yogurt."Some Multivarki provided with a set of jars for making yogurt.They just need to pour the milk with yeast, put them in a bowl Multivarki, include "Yogurt" mode and eight hours of heating to 40 * C yogurt is ready.
  • mode "Baking".Almost all Multivarki have built-in program that allows them to bake all kinds of cakes, biscuits, cakes and pies for pirogi.V multivarka this case acts as a conventional electric oven.

In addition to all of the above, some Multivarki have additional modes intended for cooking pilaf, deep frying ham manufacturing and even smoked fish or meat.