How to use the navigator ?

How to use the navigator ?

One of the most useful inventions of the past few years - this is the navigator.This tool allows you to determine where you are, get directions from point A to point B, while still choose the most suitable way for you.Navigator now there are many drivers of large cities, and the taxi driver without a GPS navigator is very difficult to imagine - it is almost everyone who works on any taxi company.

GPS Navigator has long been firmly entrenched in our modern life thanks to all the facilities that it offers.However, even the most advanced GPS navigator may fail, because it's just an electronic device, so the device can not be trusted completely.

What is the navigator

GPS navigator exists to determine the place of residence, to see it on the map terrain.The navigator consists of a receiver that receives a signal from the satellite.Navigator decodes the signal and thus determines the location of the receiver.However, to get all the amenities offered by the device, you need to know how to use gps navi


Depending on your needs, you can choose any browser, the benefit of these devices now exist in a huge range, from travel to car.

start to use the navigator

To begin with we shall understand how to use the common navigation, that is, travel.First we need to explore the browser interface, since these devices are often multifunctional and contain many buttons.In the first place, it is advisable to read the instructions in the navigator, remember which buttons are responsible for what, and to hold initial settings.You need to choose a system of coordinates and time zone.The main thing - is to set the unit of distance - in some browsers the default distance is measured in miles, not in kilometers.It is also possible to set specific signals.If your browser is already worth the initial setup, you can skip this step.


Navigator In the Navigator, you can view your current position, the geographic coordinates of any point and trajectory of your movement.From any browser There are several pages with different information that you can scroll through.

To remember the location, you need to hold a few seconds a certain button.You can also do this from the main menu.There you can select the saved location and start moving the selected trajectory.

In memory of the navigator automatically saved you the distance traveled, but it is possible to cancel the settings.There is also a Autorouting feature - automatic installation of the route.To do this, select the endpoint of the path, and the device will choose the most quick and easy way for you.When cornering, the navigator gives certain signals.

At a certain software can be loaded into the navigator additional maps, routes, and additional programs.But in any case, in any navigator necessarily have a common world map showing areas of major cities and roads.Before using the card, it is desirable to look through and check out the basic positions, because these maps are actually hand, and no one can be safe from the elementary human error.Often there are cases when navigators let the unlucky driver in a circle, especially in those areas of the road where there are many congresses.At such sites the way with a small navigation error, you may be stuck a very long time.

phone navigator

Besides ordinary devices, navigation, gps navigators are now in almost every smartphone.If you still do not know how to use the navigation on your phone, do not worry - everything is so simple that you will need only minimal knowledge.The setting there is no need to carry out - just download the map via the usb-cable, or directly to your phone, and then in the search box write the address - and you'll get the route to point B. In some navigation systems you can even choose the type of movement - depending on whether one isyou're on foot, traveling by car or by public, changing the route of movement.