How to get away from work ?

How to get away from work ?

Dismissal for many is no less stressful than, say, the rupture of relations with the person quite expensive.Let's talk about how to get away from work so as not to experience any unpleasant during this process, or after.In this article, we will not deal with the official side of things, as to how to write a letter of resignation, familiar, probably, everyone.We also touch on the psychological and social aspects, that is, let's talk about our status and relationship with the team, you are going to leave.

Lee's departure from work

Here is the first question that should ask yourself the person is thinking about leaving.Why do we start with this?The fact is that if you have finally decided that going, you probably would not have started reading our article.And once you read, so there is a doubt.The reasons for the desire to get away from work may be different, but there are things that can not be tolerated.First of all, it is relevant to you guidance that can "clamp" award, to lower wages, while han

ging a lot of other responsibilities.Common situation?Then said the head of right: I want to get away from work!And if things do not change, you really leave.If he did so unwittingly, then the ratio will change to you, but if so it was intended - leave without regret, or turn into almost a slave who for a penny will perform the duties of two or three, or even more people.

problems in the team

If the reason in the relationship in the team, then all is not so simple.One thing is when you survive (although in this case, many are struggling and even do it with pleasure), and quite another - when you just difficult to work with someone (because of the nature of the difference, views on life, etc.).In the latter case, you can almost always arrange to have a personal relationship does not interfere with work.If you still are tempted care I will give you a few small, but pretty good advice, including based on the personal experience of work.

How to leave work

Firstly, do not delay treatment: it is just wasted time, and time should be cherished.Secondly, it is better to leave so as not to spoil relations with colleagues.The point here is that perfectly illustrates the proverb: "Do not spit in the well - useful to get drunk."Good attitude surrounding you can later do a good service, often just when you least'll wait.Of course, a great desire to tell the team, holding hands in the statement: "You can all go away for a long time," but that's all it is not necessary to send, because the reasons for leaving often lie not in the team, to be more precise - not all of its members.And in the case of such a statement is obtained that the blame all around.For all his temperament, I went in both cases easy - just silently went into the office to the authorities and put on the table the application without any explanation of the relationship.It is really for anything, because everything was well known.If heads, knowing how things are going, did nothing, then there is no point "slam the door" - better to just quietly go away and never to come back, even if called.A call can be.

How to get away with a good work

If you have a good relationship, but you have to go, here's how to get away from work nicely: good enough to kindly explain their care to others (including bosses) imbued them, arrange "dumping ", tell them you'll call them - and keep your word.Otherwise, it turns out that you are without explanation just thrown his colleagues.