How does the navigator ?

How does the navigator ?

GPS - an abbreviation that stands with English as the Global Positioning System, which means - the Global Positioning System.In other words, a satellite navigation system, which may enable the precise location of up to several meters, of any object (a person, a vehicle, ship, etc.) on the map.Have you been at least once wondering how the browser on your phone, for example, or on a submarine?After working principle is the same.If yes, then read on, because now we will talk about how to operate the navigator, and what is the basic principles of his work, what they are.

Where now used GPS-navigators

In fact, it is easier to list the sectors where navigators are not used.With great success navigators applied to all lovers of hiking, water, mountain and ski tourism.Many hunters have long since got navigators, as well as cyclists, motorists, and of course the fishermen.What can we say about the military industry?All ships, aircraft and other military equipment, is equipped with the latest navigators.A

fter all, GPS navigator not only shows the surrounding area, but is able to "tell" the speed with which we should move to reach the waypoint, and other very important details.

How does GPS-navigator

We will not delve into the jungle of physics and mechanics, and will give you only the most basic knowledge of the principles of operation of GPS-navigator.

GPS-system has been developed exactly at the same time, as soon as mankind has launched satellites into space.GPS system itself essentially operates by measuring the time during which the radio signal from the satellite is able to reach the object in the world.Then, the time is automatically calculated and the distance itself.To use the GPS system should be at least three satellites.With regard to the maximum, then the number could reach tens.Thus, using the information from three satellites, GPS-navigator indicates the location on the map, the exact coordinates, up to one meter.And when using more and fourth artificial satellite, the GPS will show even altitude.Therefore, it turns out that the GPS-navigator - a special device that receives signals from satellites in space, and converts these signals into information.

The main types of GPS-navigators

  • portable navigators;
  • computers and smartphones with a special built-in GPS-module;
  • car navigators;
  • external GPS-receivers, designed for connection to smartphones, laptops and PDAs.

Interestingly, the use of the Navigator is absolutely legal and does not require any license.Thus, GPS-navigator can be used anywhere for determining its geographical origin.

We hope that our article will give you new knowledge and you though about, but understand how the GPS-navigator.