How the number of fire ?

How the number of fire ?

Usually, firing an employee does not bring major problems: worker is considered to be laid off after the number when he fired.However, almost every employer at least once gets into a situation, when see how the number of fire an employee, it is not so simple.

How to fire an employee

normal cases can be called that when you lay off employees, or he writes a statement to dismiss at will.

In the first situation, the number of layoffs is the last working day of the employee.Thus, if you dismiss his 15 th, 15 th, he still has to work out, but the next day he was completely free.

In the second case, the employee must work for another two weeks after the dismissal date.But there is one small catch: if the employee wrote in a statement, "I request to dismiss the 4th" or "4-th."Although the second design is not correct, some personnel officers let you write an application that way.If an employee requests to dismiss his 4 th, 4 th in his last working day.If he is dismissed from the 4th, the last working

day will be the 3rd.

dismissal and sick

big question, how to fire a number of human, is the situation with the hospital.It may look differently.For example, an employee fell ill and sick leave ends on the day of dismissal.In this case, the employer is obliged to pay the employee sick leave and dismiss it on that day, on which is written the dismissal, since, in fact, the person listed as an employee of the company.

often happens that the hospital ends after the date of dismissal and the employee requires dismissal date is the date of the completion of the hospital.In fact, such demands are illegal.No matter when it ends the hospital, the date of dismissal should not be tolerated as it is not necessary.Note that this rule does not work if the employee leaves is not as desired.

Dismissal and vacation

Sometimes there are situations when before the dismissal of an employee takes a vacation, which ends on the day of dismissal.In this situation, the last day of vacation can be considered as the day of dismissal, the employee should not therefore come to work.Of course, if he retires at his own request, and you need two weeks of working out, he will be forced to work two weeks.If the day of dismissal will be the day after the holiday, the employee will have to work that day.

dismissal and decree

Often the employee decide to resign during maternity leave, adding to the employer a headache: how to fire an employee number?In fact, you can dismiss the worker the number of which is specified in the statement.Thus, the dismissal will be in the midst of maternity leave.

Note that dismiss the employee on maternity leave, it is possible only in the event that she would write a statement of dismissal at will.That is, to reduce its other reasons you can not.