How to make the navigator ?

How to make the navigator ?

Today the market can find a large number of GPS-devices with different features and price categories.But not all people are willing to just buy GPS-navigator and prefer to do it with their own hands.Does this - hard to say.But make no doubt possible.

How to make your own hands navigator

Own navigator can make 2 different ways.For the first option you will need a battery, the simplest mobile device and GPS-transmitter.To build such a GPS-navigator will need a lot of time.First of all, system programming and electronics is necessary to understand well.This browser is very complicated to use.It will be necessary to send messages to the satellite and the coordinates have to impose on the card.

Easier second way: GPS-navigators can be done with a laptop.To do this you will need a GPS-receiver and the actual laptop.Via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connect the GPS-receiver.The laptop itself should detect the device.Then, the PC installs the appropriate software, which can easily be downloaded from the Inte


Programs for

navigator There are many programs that are suited for trips out of town.There are also special programs for exactly travel in the city.This, for example, the OziExplorer program.With its help, you can use the scanned terrain maps.It is best for city driving, the use of electronic GPS-maps.There is another program that has gained popularity due to accurate maps of St. Petersburg.It CityGuide program.It also provides information about traffic jams on the roads.

laptop as a GPS-navigator

laptop in the car must be installed in such a way that it does not pull away, and did not fall while driving.You can safely install a laptop with Car Bracket.If your PC has Internet access, you can install programs that provide information about traffic jams.And if everything is in order, the GPS-navigator is ready.Now you know how to make navigation of the laptop.And if there are problems, it is necessary to understand the computer's settings.

As we can see, from the laptop can make GPS-navigator.And rightly so - to use a laptop in kachestveGPS browser.Since there is a possibility to use different navigation programs with a large display.You only need to purchase GPS-receiver for your laptop.And the problem is solved for good navigation.