How to install Garmin map ?

How to install Garmin map ?

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How to install Garmin map?

Many users who like to travel, require an application such as a browser, which can be embedded in a mobile device, and can exist separately.Navigators at the moment a lot, and choose the good is very difficult.One of the worthy representatives of these programs is a Garmin navigator.

The only drawback of this device is the fact that the card is not installed, or not up to date, so many people think, how to install the Garmin maps.

Download maps

To install Garmin map, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. First you need to find and download the necessary maps for your device.These cards exist in different versions.Download the best with proven sites.For example, you can use the GPS vsem.
  2. To install the card you definitely must have KeyGen applications.Most often, it comes with a Garmin navigator installation files.But if not, then it is very easy to find using standard search engines.
  3. Next you need to create a folder for the maps on
    your mobile device or on the phone memory card itself.After that, you should download it card and put it in the folder of the Navigator Ā«GarminĀ».These cards have gmapsupp extension.img.
  4. is worth noting that all of the cards must be attributed to the navigator.To do this you must create a text file named gmapsupp and open KeyGen.Next, enter the Id of your device.
  5. KeyGen must issue two codes: one at the bottom, and the second - at the top.They need to bring in your text file.
  6. After the change, you should change the file extension to.unl and save it in a folder.This way you can install maps to Garmin.

more help on loading cards, see the article How to download maps to your unit |On the Garmin navigator.

Update maps

If you need to update your card Garmin, you can do so using Mapchecker program, which can be downloaded from the official site.It will check for updates and update maps.