Do I need to work 2 weeks ?

Do I need to work 2 weeks ?

always want to be happy for a man when he is better, and more paid work.However, when moving from one place to another, it happens very unpleasant surprises.This article will help you avoid them.

Imagine the situation that the new employer asks you to name the date of your employment.You want to quickly begin working in his new position.And the director is not going to have long to wait, because he, at this place, all of those wishing.And, on the old job you say - working two weeks.Is this legal?Do I need to work 2 weeks in the same place of work?

Under the Labor Code, when an employee leaves the employer may delay it for 2 weeks after he wrote a statement on the dismissal.Note - can hold.And might not hold up.Everything is decided by the employer.Very often it happens that workers released in 2-3 days after payment is made, and paid all the money.

From the perspective of the employee

employee concerned to resign as soon as possible.Therefore, it is necessary to quickly write a statement in wh

ich they indicate the reason for dismissal "by mutual agreement".With this you can begin to negotiate with the leadership of the date of your departure.Be sure to register your application with the Secretary, even if he was given an incoming number and date.If you have a small company and the Secretary is not present, contact the person who deals with the documentation.To accelerate the timing of care you can so that the "cleaned up" all your debts - financial, documentation.And if you have, and will pick up at your place candidate, and will present the new chief of the specialist will be just fine.In this case, all your dismissal can take a very short time.And then you do not have to think about whether you need to work two weeks

From the standpoint of the director

You must clearly understand whether you want to keep the employee or not.If you do not need, issue him a bypass list.Let him sign it in all services, and is a God!And if it is a valuable employee, then firstly, you can talk to him and find out the reason for leaving.If it is impossible to give him the same thing that it attracts a new place, you have to find an employee to take his place.I must say the employee, whether you need to work out.At dismissal, you can call the LOM from 1 to 14 days.And if he this time take unused vacation, you have to provide it.In this case, to dismiss does not teach a new contender.The same circuit, and with sick leave.The two-week period of not extended.Try to negotiate with the employee, explain the complexity of the situation.By agreement of the parties, you can extend the life of mining up to 1 month.