How to install Navitel (Navitel) on the Navigator ?

How to install Navitel (Navitel) on the Navigator ?

To install Navitel Navigator on, you have to be quite careful.If you are downloading from unofficial websites Navitel - it is likely that you will break the security of your own computer and in general, possible option of downloading the wrong card.Therefore, do not take risks, trust only to trusted web site.Step by step instructions

For ease of installation Navitel Navigator on, we have a step by step guide:

  • Purchase Navitel licensed program to be installed on the navigator.Navitel is a quality and reliable supplier in the navigation market for cars.He even considered the leader in this market.Recently, a car navigator 7, suitable for two hundred and ninety-five navigators models.
  • Download Navitel license on your computer.It does not take much of your time.
  • using USB, connect the navigator with you need to serve.You can use instead, and stick.
  • Create a new folder.It requires you to download the map you need.
  • Once you have done all the above steps, to download maps from your computer tha
    t you have downloaded in advance.
  • To understand how to set the Navitel Navigator on, read on.The next step is to create a folder for the new atlas.You can do this by selecting "Open Atlas".After that you need to execute the "Create atlas".
  • Then click the check mark that appears on the screen.This means that the process is successfully completed.
  • In order for you to easily find you need a map that you just downloaded, view the list of atlases.He will appear on your screen.

Remember to set the card to Navitel Navigator can be a problem if you download them from unlicensed sites.This is because some cards may not be in the same atlas your browser.Therefore be failures and poor loading.

Installation Options

card using Navitel there are two options for installing the cards on the navigator:

  • via PC
  • insert the card into an automatic mode.The second option is only available for devices with access to the Internet.

Installation Navitel Navigator possible to sufficiently comfortable and convenient way.It will help you easily navigate the terrain and maintain any necessary travel card.The main condition is that your care during installation.Download maps for Navitel better from official sites, because it guarantees you quality.Do not spare their time to install Navitel, because it will certainly make your life easier!