Why are fired ?

Why are fired ?

For many, the dismissal of a sudden step into the unknown, afraid of him and feared at least half of the employees of any company.But do not immediately put an end to his career and was horrified to think why you are fired with the new or the old place of work.It should be understood that the dismissal - a step into the future, which often allows to reach new heights in their professional activities and discover unexplored horizons.

If a person is fired from previous jobs, he should start without discouragement to search even more ambitious and "large" positions, because the dismissal - a chance to start life with a clean slate.

The most common reasons for dismissal are:

  • Breaches of discipline in the enterprise;
  • Absenteeism;
  • Abbreviations;
  • Inconsistency employee position;
  • Theft;
  • conflict with the head, etc.

course, one absence will not dismiss anyone, as well as for a small violation of the regime, but in the case of regular repetition - the loss of positions is inevitable.In addition,

it should be noted that an employer can fire an employee for concealing errors or looking for a new place of work during working hours.

Why are fired from your previous job?

There are many reasons because of which even very good employee can be fired.It all depends on his actions, his superiors and opinions of third-party factors, such as the company's financial condition, etc.In most cases, the dismissal - it is quite a long process, as an employer you need to pick up a replacement in place dismiss employees.Besides, the employee must hand over all their projects to another person, as the company has to work in all situations.It is also entitled to compensation for dismissal from a former employer, which is not taxed.

consider in more detail the most common causes of loss of employment, as well as ways to protect against them.

The need to put in a chair, or a relative protégé

In some cases, managers want to place on the "nicely at" the place of his henchmen.They may not have a professional education, often they do not have the desire to work, but the main thing - it protects the head.Affected by such a situation can virtually every employee.

To avoid dismissal for this reason, you must make yourself really indispensable for the company.Any sane leader would not displace the best employees, as it may harm its business.

quarrel with the management

A similar situation can occur with virtually every person.If the manager is very capricious and proud, he could easily expel negligent employee who dared to accuse him (even if the boss was wrong).In addition, directors are often overstated the bar and require their employees the most out of the penny salary - it is also a very common cause layoffs.Greedy employer is trying to save on everything, every employee loading a bunch of unnecessary, non-core business.

In this situation, the best solution would be a peaceful attitude towards all tricks boss or self discharge and search for a more worthy place of work.

too high employee competence

If an employee knows and knows more than the boss to the last - a big problem.In this situation, the company's employee can easily "unseat" its director, so that he will lose his post.Unscrupulous bosses are trying to get rid of these employees, even causing damage to his company.

To avoid falling into this situation, it is best to avoid high-profile statements about the competence of the authorities and not to show its superiority over the directorate.It is better to take a neutral position and carry out their work in good faith.