Ready to fire : what to do ?

Ready to fire : what to do ?

Dismissal - is the loss of his post due to resignation at his own request, or in violation of the labor code.Not knowing their rights, you simplify the heads this unfortunate process.Perhaps many of us are faced with the unpleasant thought: "I'm losing my job, I was laid off, what to do without employment?".The main thing - do not panic.Gather your thoughts, so as not to lose their job.

What to do if you want to dismiss

  1. If the authorities want to illegally dismiss you, it can take advantage of a cunning way.How it's done?The team entered the rumor about your dismissal, all quietly discuss it, making you feel uncomfortable.You lose confidence in the future, fearing its onset.What to do: do not trust gossip, relies exclusively on verified information.You should not unsettle guff.Do not try to satisfy the desire of the chief - come and personally write a letter of resignation, not waiting until you are asked to leave.
  2. If a man risen to the rank of Director, so he clearly well versed in psychology
    .So, how did he do?Properly!He starts to provoke you, often cause to his office and held accountable for any work done, criticize and publicize your errors for all the team.What to do: want to fire?What to do in an open provocation of the situation prompts your endurance.You do not need to engage in skirmishes, to raise his voice to complain or feel sorry for yourself other methods.Do not show their negative attitude and its weakness.You must be steadfast, to the head I saw that you terrorize useless.On the contrary, the shocking dictator to its high capacity for work, listen to everything you say and correct mistakes, to you it was impossible to find fault.
  3. Management may pressure you stating to you that you are not able to fulfill their direct duties properly and that the level of your professionalism equals zero.What to do: not to raise a scandal.Ask to show you instructions on what actions you have to perform or act containing such information.Argues all your actions, make their proposals on various issues.All requests authorities shall be in writing and do not forget to leave a copy with the signature of the director.The signed paper will be your insurance against dismissal, the cause of which is aptitude.It will be easier to conduct any negotiation, knowing that you have on hand is the confirmation of your words.Remember, if you have violated labor laws, the chief is obliged to demand an explanation from you.You must write it and send it no later than two days from the date of its requirements.Until that time, the employer has no right to punish a subordinate disciplinary action.If you do not pass an explanatory note within two days, the act will be drawn up about this.Beside his signature, specify the time when you were ordered to be otherwise difficult to prove their case.
  4. If you go this way, and will stand the test, prepared for you by your employer, then the patient may end up with him.Most likely, he will call you to him and just asked to write a letter of resignation on their own.What to do: Do ​​not listen to him, he openly pushes you.Ask any lawyer, they will tell you one thing: "Never agree to write this statement, it will eliminate the opportunity to prove in court that you fired illegally."If you find it difficult to refuse, pull the time, tell me what to think about it tomorrow.Mentally prepare yourself for this conversation, please be arguments and arguments that will help you save this post.You can apply to the inspection of protecting labor disputes or a lawyer, a professional versed in such matters.
  5. Guide and may also reduce the number of hours you work, reduce wages.Thus it prepares you for the dismissal.What to do: ask your colleagues to create an initiative group, please contact the trade union organization or create a protest.Fight for their rights by any means.Carefully prepared to negotiate, weighing and thinking through every word, drawing himself a clear action plan.Stay calm, it will be crucial to the successful resolution of the problem.If you have children under three years old, or your child is not more than fourteen years, and you are not married, dismiss you without liquidation of the enterprise impossible.In the case of pregnancy, keep their job would be even easier.Kick you in legal circumstances, can only be due to theft or other severe violations of labor legislation.

slazhivaetsya different situation if you were fired for the article.What to do in such a situation?First, let's look at the cases in which the employer may terminate an employment contract with you:

  • test result is unsatisfactory;
  • liquidation of the enterprise;
  • staff reduction (head shall notify not later than 2 months before the dismissal and a receipt and warned about their actions and employment service trade union);
  • mismatch position held due to lack of skill level (this is confirmed by certification);
  • Repeated failure to fulfill work duties without good cause, etc.

After his dismissal under Article register with the employment service not later than 14 days.

We sincerely wish you not to fall into such a situation, but if you have been fired from their jobs, what to do you know.