Is Navigator Need ?

Is Navigator Need ?

All people as motorists and pedestrians every day commit move down the street, the city, the country.In this age of technology, there is no concept of inaccessibility of a particular point in space, since the solution of this question is a simple gadget - navigator.Does he need a man, what the pros and cons of this device, we will look at in this article.

Navigator is a device that can receive and transmit signals about their location by satellite.Currently, position accuracy reaches 3-5 meters, which of course is a great advantage over conventional cards.So I buy Navigator worth?Undoubtedly, it is necessary, since this device, there are a number of advantages.

Benefits Navigator

  • quickly scan the streets and houses in the city (for both motorists and pedestrians);
  • Fast orienteering, which allows to move from the vantage point of view (as on the highways and away from them, while the need to reduce distances);
  • route planning (in advance allows the bands to be reconstructed when driving a car,
    find the destination);
  • Note to all the existing service points (hotels, banks, gas stations, pharmacies, shops, cafes, exchangers, attractions);
  • rank the intensity of the flow of cars, warning of traffic jams;
  • ability to rebuild in walking mode (with a story about what to see);
  • rating is the distance between the points of movement;
  • Warnings turns, "speed bumps", traffic lights, speed limits and speed evaluation of your car;
  • indispensable help in the woods mushroom (Navigator will fix your movement on the ground with a red line, and will also help to find the car, if you mark it in advance);
  • Excellent help at night and in bad weather;
  • execution of the program in their native language (a great help in a foreign country, where you do not know the language).

Naturally, before the trip better the navigator map update, so as not to run into the road or repair a non-existent house.Perhaps this is the only flaw in the browsers in addition to the possibility of loss of communication with the satellite.