How to re-register a car?

How to re-register a car?

Buyers and sellers of vehicles may face the problem of obtaining information related to the re-registration of the vehicle.This is due to changes in legislation, which states that the procedure for re-registration of a vehicle to a new owner is done without removing the register (exception - export the vehicle from the Russian Federation, disposal, loss).Let us look at how to re-register the car.

Resigning car when buying or selling

The first thing you need to prepare the following documents:

  • Seller passport;
  • PTS;
  • certificate of vehicle registration;
  • diagnostic card (if available);
  • MTPL policy (usually present it is not necessary, but it is better to take it with him, the document must not be expired);
  • if the transaction will participate another person (not the owner of the car), you need a power of attorney and a copy thereof;
  • from the buyer only a passport is required.

Re-registration of a vehicle to another person, in this case provides for two options:

  • joint vehicle renewal;
  • vehicle renewal without the involvement of the owner.

Joint renewal of car

This option involves a joint address of the seller and the buyer in the registration department of the traffic police.

  1. Before going to the traffic police can ask the seller to make some money in the form of an advance payment (the money can be sent on receipt).
  2. machine should be parked in the traffic police building on the day of the official registration of the sale.
  3. first step is to contact the inspector who deals with the reception of documents.
  4. After the inspector read the package of documents, he will proceed to registration of cars to the new owner (recall that the car can not be removed from the register, in addition, the deal itself could be concluded in oral form, ie without contracts).
  5. Then the buyer will have to pass the rest of the money and the seller, in turn, - the diagnostic card and car keys.
  6. then the buyer will have to wait for new documents.

Re-registration of a vehicle without the owner's

In this case, the paperwork involved in the buyer personally.

  1. necessary to draw up and sign three copies of the purchase contract (one copy remains with the seller, the second - the buyer, the third is given to the traffic police).
  2. Both participants of the transaction must sign in PTS (column "former owner", "new owner").
  3. transfer policy CTP and diagnostic card is then carried out (if any) to the buyer.
  4. Then the buyer pays the agreed amount and the seller - the documents and keys to the car.
  5. whole procedure for registration of the car buyer must take place within 10 days of the registration of traffic police department, where the new owner has to submit the documents for review.

How to re-register the car under power of attorney

owner of the vehicle may transfer your car to another person by power of attorney.In this case, the owner transfers the right to possess, use and dispose of property.In other words, the driver on the power of attorney becomes a temporary owner of the car.The new owner is entitled to perform various actions in the vehicle, including - to participate in the sale of cars.

However, the power of attorney holder can not re-register the car itself.In this case, the vehicle owner must sell the vehicle to a third party.And then the car is bought back from a third party.You can draw up a contract of sale of a relative (eg wife).

Buying and selling cars for the general power of attorney

purchase / sale transaction on a power of attorney does not require treatment in the traffic police, which attracts a large number of motorists.One need only visit the notary and to issue power of attorney to the buyer.

But in this case the transaction is not a sale (in the legal sense) as the owner remains the owner of the car.

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