How to increase the density of the electrolyte ?

How to increase the density of the electrolyte ?

Any technique requires constant operation, otherwise there may be damage and other problems.If you use your car is not very often, you may be faced with the fact that after some time of inactivity, the machine will not start.

Basically, this is due to the fact that the decreased density of the electrolyte in the battery car.The electrolyte solution boils, often while the battery is recharging.In order that the liquid level in the battery is sufficient, distilled water is added.However, as the water evaporates faster than the electrolyte, it lowers the density of the solution.After some time, the density becomes so low that the solution is no longer usable.

To do this you can contact the service to replace or increase the density of the electrolyte in the battery alone.Especially if battery acid.

Do not forget that the battery, as well as any equipment, has a number of characteristics that are worth remembering.

Preparatory work

The following values ​​of the solution itself and replacement equ

ipment designed for battery with battery acid.Instructions for replacing the solution in the alkaline battery will be different, and dealt with separately.

  • Before you increase the density of the electrolyte, find out the current value.To measure the density of the solution at a temperature of 20-22 degrees.
  • Do not forget about safety.Always wear safety goggles and heavy gloves to acid did not leave burns on his hands.
  • main rule - acid is added to water, not water - the acid.Water has a lower density therefore mixed with acid and sprinkle it on you.So you get a severe chemical burns.
  • work with battery should be in a position in which it stands.No way, not turning it.This can cause a short circuit.
  • Pre-prepare two containers - for old and new solution.
  • plastic, which you will seal the hole should not chemically react with the electrolyte.
  • When charging the battery, its density will increase.

process of increasing the density of the electrolyte

consider in detail how to improve the density of the electrolyte.Before you begin, check your tools.Prepare to work: a beaker, a device for measuring the density of liquids.And also - enema, distilled water, electrolyte, battery acid, a drill, a soldering iron and a solution of baking soda.

  • First we need to measure the density reading for each of the electrochemical cells.Do not forget about the conditions surrounding climate than it is to the south, the lower should be a density.This range of 1,25-1,29.And the difference in the readings of different cameras should not be more than 0.01.If the reading was 1.18 and 1.20, respectively, it is better to raise the level of density to 1.27.
  • procedure is done one by one for each camera separately.First, using the old enema electrolyte solution is pumped from one chamber.Then, it is placed in a container to measure the volume.
  • new solution is taken in a proportion -from the old volume of solution and is added to the chamber.
  • For better mixing of liquids, you should shake the battery.Then, measure the density of the new solution.If it is lower than required, you should repeat the process of adding a solution in the battery.Do this until you can until it reaches the density of relevant indicators.
  • balance chamber volume is filled with distilled water.

critically low density

If the density fell below the target of 1.18, it is considered to be critical.In such a case, how to increase the density of the battery?The addition of electrolyte alone is unlikely to produce the desired density.To this should be added battery acid.

  • scheme similar to the scheme of adding acid electrolyte additions.Add and verify the density needed to obtain the desired value.
  • If the battery will not work, you should make a complete replacement of the fluid.
  • For this solution the maximum amount of the old blends with the help of an enema.After that, the battery chamber is placed side facing up and the bottom of the drill hole camera made.After they drained the remaining electrolyte.
  • Then the battery was washed with distilled water and sealed the holes with plastic, resistant to acids.Check the camera for leaks.After that, pour a completely new solution.