What is a dollar?

What is a dollar?

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What is a dollar?

US currency, dollars - it's terrific green "bucks."But not everyone knows how to look, or $ 100 banknotes of another denomination, and especially small, who knows how to distinguish the real from the counterfeit banknotes.

How are different denomination dollars

All dollar bills (new and old) depicts US presidents of different years of government (the front side).Reverse (reverse side of the bill) is absolutely all banknotes combines traditional inscription "In God we trust."In addition, all current bills are equipped with an embossing in the area of ​​portraits of presidents, which are felt to the touch.

How does $ 1: the smallest American denomination on the obverse (front side), which depicts the first American President George Washington.In addition to the portrait on the banknote has a four-digit "1" in each of the corners, as well as traditional printing, serial number, etc. The reverse of the banknote on the left shows the so-called "Masonic"

symbol -.. A pyramid with a truncated vertex and eye, and the right - the coat of armscountries.

most common US currency notes, including the most counterfeited banknote in nominal value is $ 20.On its front side is depicted the face of the 7th President of the United States - Andrew Jackson.On the reverse is an image of the White House.Currently worldwide circulation banknotes printed in the 1996-2009's.By the way, Jackson was portrayed not always in this treasury ticket US bank.In 1905 it was decorated with obverse portrait of Washington, and in 1914 - Grover Cleveland.In addition, the size and drawings on the back of most bills changed throughout history.

How are $ 50: it is the second denomination banknote US bank (after $ 100).On the front side of the banknote features a portrait of the 18th US President Ulysses S. Grant, and its turnover - US Capitol (building, the seat of the US Congress).The life of 50-dollar bills is about 55 months, after which they become unusable and destroyed the special service of the bank.

How does the 100-dollar bill

$ 100 - this is the biggest banknote, which is in the common parlance of the American National Bank since 1969.On the obverse it shows, Benjamin Franklin, and is the only case where US bill adorns her face former president and prominent political and scientific figure.On the reverse side is embodied Independence Hall - the building in which the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was signed.

October 8, 2013 100-dollar bill the new model was put into circulation, which has a few differences from the old.

What is new dollar

  • on the obverse it is three-dimensional blue protective tape running vertically;
  • about Franklin's portrait shows a golden "inkwell with a bell";
  • number "100" on both sides of the bill changes color from green to golden (overflows).