Where I lived Dali ?

Where I lived Dali ?

Salvador Dali is one of the most famous representatives of surrealism.His famous work still amaze many people around the world.In addition to painting Salvador Dali studied sculpture, a work written and directed several films, including "The Golden Age", which is one of the first sound films.This article is dedicated to the biography of the artist and subject, where Salvador Dali lived.

childhood and youth of Salvador Dali

Dali is a native of Spain.He was born in 1904 on May 11 in the town of Figueres.Young Salvador family was very wealthy.His father worked as a notary public, and thanks to his money the young Salvador Dali was able to enroll in the Academy of San Fernando, which is located in Madrid.However, it should be noted that in the youth of El Salvador filed high hopes, his works were perceived by teachers as something original and unique.Of course, his talent has also become a ticket to the prestigious academy.However

stay young Salvador is short-lived in the academy: it literally put

for bad behavior.But it does not stop El Salvador, and he continues to do.Arriving in Paris, he met with Pablo Picasso.At the same time meets Elena Dmitrievna Dyakonov, who became his wife in the future.

Early life: moving to the United States

In 1937, the famous artist goes to Italy to get acquainted with the works of the Renaissance.However, nearing the Second World War, Salvador Dalí and realizes that he can not be safe in Europe.Together with his wife Helen, known also under the name of Gala, he went to the United States.There, the artist is attempting to write an autobiography titled "The Secret Life of Salvador Dali".Note that literary experiments are successful.Later, the artist begins to work with Walt Disney.Then Dali uses his talent to work in the film industry.

maturity and mature years later

Salvador Dali arrives again in Spain, he lives in his native Catalonia.In 1965, the artist went to Paris and wins this city again.

last years of life are held in Dali Castle Púbol (Spain).After a fire in the castle Dali survive, and it is up to the end of his days will stay in the Theatre-Museum, which is also in Catalonia.

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