Why stop the clock ?

Why stop the clock ?

Why stop the clock?

reasons for stopping the clock mechanism are many enough, and the first one is very simple - in hours not wound spring (assuming that the clock with a mechanical plant), or batteries are exhausted (relates to electronic copies).The rest of the reasons why stop watch can be divided into several categories.

Negligence and dirt

clock may stop working if

they accumulate a lot of dust, which, settling on details hinders their work.The same thing happens when the clock gets the dirt (for example, when falling on the wet ground).To resolve this cause stopping the clock enough simply to clean, and they will work again.More

clock including watches, stop, if one part of the hair device falls, can serve as the cause corrosion, which affects how the individual parts and the whole clockwork.

dial, arrows, clockwork spring

next category of reasons explaining why Wrist watches and any other stop, refers to the dial, hands and clockwork spring.For example, the clock may stop working if:

  • Arrows hurt when moving the housing glass, or face each other;
  • Pointer mechanism is faulty and arrows landing weakened;
  • Dial poorly secured, because of what he warps and pinches the arrows;
  • There is a restriction on freedom of movement of the wheel system.

There malfunction related to the winding spring clockwork.The most common of them:

  • Spring is not blurred, broken, heavily polluted;
  • When the spring comes, and the friction of the bottom of the drum cover;
  • Drum skewed or projections within it are too high and hinder the smooth running of the spring;
  • drum cover is shifted as a result of poor assembly, or was falling and hitting hours on a hard surface.

wheel and transmission mechanism of stroke

The following list provides information that will help determine why stop the clock, and it relates to the transmission wheel and the mechanism of stroke.Examples of faults:

  • The transfer wheel is too small gap;
  • axes skewed and biased bridge;
  • Tribes too worn constantly clog;
  • bend the tines on the wheels;
  • The mechanism of stroke was offset ellipse;
  • No gap at the fork;
  • Low fixed spiral;
  • cranky pallets or false stones.

Some reasons not difficult to identify and even eliminate their own, but if you could not figure out why the watch stopped, and stopped working, it is best to consult a specialist - a watchmaker who will find fault and carry out a professional repair.