How to use a hydrometer ?

How to use a hydrometer ?

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How to use a hydrometer?

hydrometer is, in fact, a float, the top part of which is a graduated electrolyte (kg / m3) and antifreeze (° C.) range.How to use a hydrometer?

electrolyte density measurement

Measuring the density of the fluid located in the battery - the procedure is not complicated, but requires care and attention.You have to gain from the battery hydrometer banks necessary amount of liquid (electrolyte), position the hydrometer vertically and note what value corresponds to the lower edge of the meniscus.

Density measurement of liquids other

How to use a hydrometer when measuring the density of liquids?This process is much more complicated as described above.Need himself hydrometer and a not very wide vessel with liquid.The depth of the vessel shall not be less than 20-25 cm, capacity - not less than 0.5 liters.We fill the glass cylinder fluid and gently immerse the hydrometer into it.The device does not let go until until you are sure that the hydrome

ter has reached a level where can independently float.It is necessary to ensure that the device is not damaged glass on the bottom of the vessel.hydrometer immersed in the vessel are arranged so that, being approximately in the middle, he did not touch the walls of the tank.Measurements can be removed as soon as calm surface of the liquid.Note the indicator of the scale to which the device is "drowned" in the liquid, it is the required density value.

should not be forgotten that the fluid density greatly influences the temperature, and it can be greatly enhanced.Therefore, before removing the firmness necessary to ensure compliance with regulatory measured fluid temperature.


checking hydrometer density of the electrolyte, we come into contact with acid - a very aggressive environment.Acid on clothing, leads to its uselessness, and in contact with skin causes a chemical burn.Holocaust may end getting acid into the eyes.Be aware of this and by conducting appropriate measurements, use protective clothing, gloves and goggles.And even knowing how to use a hydrometer, video, offered by us below, of course, will not prevent: